Lashann Injury

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Karen, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Karen

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    The team announced that Lashann tore her ACL. The sound of Lashann screaming after she went down brought us all back to Nneka when she tore her ACL in Waco. Most of the fans were on the opposite side of the court from where Lashann fell, but the sound carried across the arena. We all figured it was something serious like an ACL tear, but we were hoping we were wrong. I feel terrible for Lashann.
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    :hookem::arrow-up: for a full recovery and, if she wants it, a medical redshirt.
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  3. geewago

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    As I've said before, "I just wish God would give girls stronger knees".
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  4. brnkj

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    I sure hate to hear this but I figured it was the case. Wishing Lashann a speedy and full recovery. I can't imagine that she wouldn't come back next year.
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  5. overseasbbfan1

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    I feel bad for Lashann but look forward to having her back next season. I feel certain she will return, she loves the game and team, and I'm sure this isn't how she wants her Texas career to end. Plus, she needs a good senior season under her belt to solidify her chances with the WNBA, a place she definitely belongs. And that is all the more true given the ACL injury. At least the injury happened early in the season, which means she will have a full year to recover. She should be be fit and ready to go at the start of next season!
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  6. LutherIsMyDog

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    This article states that Lashann will apply for a medical redshirt. Lashann is a hard worker and I have no doubt she'll be in the best shape possible if she decides to return next season. I hope she does because next year's team will be a formidable group of players.

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  7. LutherIsMyDog

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  8. Run Pincher

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    Keep on fighting Lashann. You'll be back! :hookem:
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