Last 3 Texas offensive coordinators....

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by gahornphan, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Perhaps, but I haven't seen enough to convince me that he is anything other than a talented runner. Maybe that's him, or maybe it's coaching. I don't know. High school passing stats don't really translate. Boykin was not that impressive in TCU's old scheme, but he has always been as good as Heard tucking and running, and he has a cannon arm. Whether it was coaching or maturity, probably both, he now makes much better decisions. I don't think Heard has even an average D1 arm, but again, that's just from what I've seen to date.

    As for Locksley and Merrick, it simply makes no sense to burn shirts when the season is a flaming turd. It would not surpriseme, however, if someone other than Heard or Swoopes starts the first game next season under a new OC. I just hope it's a new OC who knows what he is doing and can get the most out of whoever shows himself to be the best option. And Wickline needs to do some fat man magic, quick like
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    I think our team is made up of a bunch of really good position coaches who have been put into positions above their heads/abilities including Norvell and Bedford. Watson and Wickline were in similar positions but have been demoted. Now it is time to do the same with the current OC/DC.
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    If we can get the norvell who showed up for the rice and cal game every week we have really good chance of winning some football games. True they didn't have any tape to really scout against heard with but he had no experience so it evens itself out but that kid is so dynamic in the right system it's no telling what he can get done but he will bump his head many times as we see now with decision making its just part of the growing pains either way you slice it we just have to play better all around the board not just on offense

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