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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by scottsins, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. scottsins

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    we're going last minute, to salvage a ****** up week, originally destined for playa, but ****** up by a hurricane. my solution is to go to vegas for 5 nights on a pretty substantial budget.

    see my last post on here for details:
    The Link

    what i want from y'all are some kick ***, unique ideas for amazing, experiences for the wife and I. we don't want to do the nightclub scene.

    we want romantic, extravagant stuff that you don't always do on little 3 day trips and **** that we take.

  2. halsteadfrost

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    Do you like the outdoors? There is a hiking area thats very Mountainess near Vegas, and it should be cooler than Red Rock Canyon. I believe it's called Mt. Charleston.

    Also if y'all are interested in a show you can check out the tickets4tonight booth and try and find cheap show tickets. I often recomend Carrot Top, but most people don't listen to my recomendations.
  3. Tex Pete

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    I was out there last week and saw Stomp Out Loud and Wayne Brady. I liked both, but actually liked Stomp better. I thought it was a really good show.

    They have some pretty cool helicopter tours...Grand Canyon tours with lunch on the ground, etc., and you get limo service to the airport. Some of them have "romantic" themes. I would definitely look into that.
  4. Eastside

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    Can't say this is a recommendation, but I've always been intrigued by the grand canyon helicopter tours, but have always said no due to cost and time constraints. That would def be on the top of my list if i had a bigger budget than I usually do and more time.
  5. Tex Pete

    Tex Pete 1,000+ Posts

    Eastside and I are on the same wavelength. [​IMG]
  6. blacklab

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    Well good, I'm there from Tuesday till Sunday. We will need to meet up and you must say things like:
    "As your lawyer I recommend you get another table dance from that chic"

    "As your lawyer I recommend you have another beer"
  7. scottsins

    scottsins 1,000+ Posts

    we will meet up.

    without going into a lot, if you are around, i can write off drinks and dinner as a business expense.
  8. UTBubba

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    Check out Lake Las Vegas. There are several resort hotels over there, one casino, some shops and one cool Irish pub. We went over there in July for my birthday and it was definitely not your ordinary Vegas destination. We stayed at Loews, check out and see the pics.
  9. It appears that due to s'sins' last post that I will be needing to be in Vegas during this timeframe as well, somehow. I will also be needing counsel. You never know, there may be mimes. I can protect you from the mimes.
  10. iamtigerwoods

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    Dinner at Picasso in Belaggio.
    David Copperfield is in town at the MGM Grand.
    Drinks/Dinner at MIX.
    Wine over at the Wine Cellar at the Rio.
    Helicopter to the Grand Canyon.
  11. halsteadfrost

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    I think Imisunderstood. I thought subtantial budget meant you wanted cheap.

    On the other hand...

    Rent a skyloft for a few nights. They can be found at reasonable prices midweek. Change hotels if you need to, but plan at least two nights at a skyloft you WONT be disapointed. This is an absolute must. I checked and they have $510 rates midweek next week, so I say you should end your week there. The suite is kick ***, you get free pay-per-view movies, they have an infinity bath and a steam shower. It's incredible.

    As for shows all the Cirque shows as good, if that's not your thing they have more broadway styled shows as well such as Phantom (which I've heard is good) and the Producers.

    I can't really offer any dinner recs because I haven't eaten at any places that have blown my mind. I wil lsay to stay away from buffets. You can nearly always get better food for around the same price. I have heard that the place at Paris with the sidewalk seating is good, but haven't tried it myself.

    I'll be there myself this weekend. Hope you have fun [​IMG]
  12. Sii

    Sii 1,000+ Posts

    See the Beatles Love. Incredible
  13. UTEE

    UTEE 1,000+ Posts

    Phantom is good, and a bit shorter and faster-paced/higher-energy than the Broadway version.
  14. Herkie Walls

    Herkie Walls 25+ Posts

    Defending the Caveman is a good show at the Golden Nuggent.
  15. huge

    huge 250+ Posts

    is alize still open in the palms?

    pretty good french restaurant on the 43rd floor. good views.
  16. scottsins

    scottsins 1,000+ Posts

    venetian hooked me up for better than expected:

    5 nights, for $498. can not beat that.

    then, I decided to make the wife happy and get a limo from the airport. i'm so worn out from websearching crap for all of this, that i called the concierge service that comes with my AMEX. got a limo from mccarron to venitian for $78, which is pretty damn cheap, and way lower than the usual rates for most places. yay AMEX! then, the guy said that they didn't offer champagne/beverage service from that limo company.

    this is the cool part. the guy with AMEX tells me that they will have someone get a bottle of Clicquot for me from a retail store (not inflated limo/hotel prices) and have it sent over to the limo company so it will be there on pick up.
    I was skeptical about this new card, but so far, it's come in pretty handy. they claim that hey can make your meal reservations for you, and that you will get good hookups from the establishment you dine at. i will be testing that claim next week.

    next task. since we will be returing to austin late friday night, and we wanted a 7 night vacation, I'm going to priceline downtown hotels in austin for fri/sat., before returing to belton.

    maybe i should call my amex guy back and ask if they'll housebreak my puppy while I'm gone.

    *** has anyone tried sw steakhouse? looks good to me.

    *** also, $$$-wise, we came out ahead, after cancellation fees on hotel and air so far at about $4229. of course the hotel charge i playa included meals and drinks, so that's our budget, which should allow us to do well and buy my wife some dumb *** purse.

    additionally, i got back the full $265 limo fee for playa, so even with the champagne service, we came out a little ahead on that as well.

    we are definitely trying to make lemonade from lemons here, but to tell you the truth, this may turn out better i a lot of ways.

    of course, my gambling stake will annihilate any hopes of really breaking even vs. the playa trip, but that's o.k. i can just overcharge blacklab to make up for it. and loopy, if he kills some mimes.
  17. Sii

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    give me vegas over playa any day....just me

    you will prob have a ******* blast
  18. scottsins

    scottsins 1,000+ Posts

    just pricelined the Stephen F. Austin for next fri/sat for $80 per night.

    and there ws much rejoicing. yay.
  19. bigup2dahorns

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    sounds like you are all set. while at venetian, might as well eat at tao, it's great people watching and decent food. i am also a fan of rao's at caesars, which is fairly new in vegas, opened last winter.

    i'm very curious as to what is going on at this tao beach. if you get a chance to get it out, report back.
  20. scottsins

    scottsins 1,000+ Posts

    more great news.

    orbitz ca f off.

    i booked my orlando flight for the ucf game. they said i won't have to pay $30 of that change fee, normally paid to orbitz. they ALSO told me that their change fee was only $15, instead of $100, which is what orbitz said.

    bad news, i can't use the credit for my wife's ticket, and she never goes anywhere.
  21. ScoPro

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  22. scottsins

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    I'm going to do SW Steakhouse for sure. i assume there's some cooling equipment for the terrace? I want to eat out there for the waterfall show.
    that will be the steak selection. he asian dinner will probably be tao, since their menu looks very nice. We'll need a seafood place (leaning to Michael Mina, or the italian seafood place at the wynn). we also need an italian place (Zeffrino's was bad before. corsa cucina at the wynn is good, but we always go there on my business trips).

    then, we'll need one more. thinking about aureole, which actually gets great reviews, or the new DAvid Burke at the Venetian.

    any tips on any of these recs?

    for shows, I really want to see la reve. however, we're doing that with two other couples on our next scheduled trip there.

    * that reminds me, that after all of this, I'll be back Oct. 25 for a conference. This football season is going to shave years off of my life. this trip ends 6 days prior to the first home game. roadtrips to UCF, NO vs. VY, Ole Miss/Bama, Stillwater...

    I could die.
  23. NEwherebutA&M

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    Scott, you should do the Red Square like we did when we went.
  24. Mistadobalina

    Mistadobalina 100+ Posts

    SW is very good, one of the best steaks I've had too.
    alize in the palms is one of the better meals I've had in my life. pscale, romantic, cool views, fantastic food.
  25. axle hongsnort

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    love was sold out when we were there, so we "settled" for the other cirque show KA. it was kick ***. very tough to describe, but in short, it is really fast moving and not a dull moment. i'm a fan of the comedy shows at the dedicated comedy clubs as all the up and comers do vegas shows.
  26. scottsins

    scottsins 1,000+ Posts

    i'm not a huge beatles fan, but i've heard that it really doesn't matter, with respect ot Love's allsomeness.

    if that's true, i'll jsut get tix for that I guess.
  27. Real_Texas

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  28. Napoleon

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    REAL TEXAS hookin' up a fellow horn!

  29. scottsins

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    just checked in. They wanted $50/night for a view. For an add on of $150 to our rate, which was just 100, we got the bigvass piazza suite.
  30. lnghrngrl

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    Go to Aureole! You won't regret it!!!

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