Lauren Cox Injury

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by justabbfan, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. justabbfan

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    Being reported on another forum (RebKell’s) that Cox has a “stress reaction to the second metatarsal in her right foot and will be out indefinitely”. It was explained that a stress “reaction” is a precursor to a fracture with a probable recovery time of 4-12 weeks. I hate for any player to be injured especially in their senior year. Best of luck, Lauren
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  2. MajesticII

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    She could be back for the play-offs.....At least Baylor may not beat us by 50 since they won't have her.
  3. Jacob Johnson

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    Is she going to be out that long? I don't know what type of injury she has but I thought she would be out like 2 weeks or something
  4. ViperHorn

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    I broke a metatarsal bone in my left foot running track. Ran on it for two weeks before they decided it was broke; took 3 weeks off, and then was good to go. The only issue to this day (50 years later) is it is noticeable in cold weather.

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