Laurinaitis staying at Ohio State

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Shark4, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Shark4

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    Five of the six JRs that could have gone pro are coming back. Only DE Vernon Gholston is going. That's 41 of 44 in the two-deep from the NC game coming back.

    Yes, I'm surprised

    Looks like the Bucks will lose to Georgia in the NC game. [​IMG]
  2. Hornius Emeritus

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  3. TheContractor

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    LSU also had Tyson Jackson (DE) and Beckwith (LB) returning.

    many guys that could have gone pro for both schools are coming back.
  4. Eating Club

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  5. wildcat09

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    Anyone else think he's more than a little bit overrated?
  6. jimmyjazz

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  7. SlingeroGuitaro

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    i think he kicks ***. he's done nothing but impress me.
  8. bularry

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    I think he's overrated.

    of course I'm pissed at ohio st. LB's due to that waste of a draft pick riding the Cowboys pine right now.
  9. LHB_SOB

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    I wouldn't want to go in the draft against Dan Conner either.
  10. CleverNickname

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    Maybe he wants to cycle a few more times so he can hoodwink Jerry for a few millions.
  11. Uncle Rico

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  12. No ACL

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    having a great game against us in 06 is what started all his hype.
  13. Bluff Horn

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    "Excuse me, Claire - would you ever consider dating a guy who had Laurinaitis of the nuts? I mean, even if he had a really nice car, was a good dancer..."
  14. IcyHotStunta

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    What a ruuuuuuuuush!
  15. Skippylou

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    Say what you want about him, he is a terrific young adult, he really has his head on his shoulders. I loved some of his comments when he was interviewed about his decision to stay. He realizes you only get the college experience once, that money is not all there is to life and stated that God had taken care of him so far and that God will take care of him in the future, if he's injured that is just God's will.

    Now if you're not a religious person, then those last comments don't mean anything to you.
  16. longhornfan2818

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    I guess he wants to get his *** kicked by the SEC in the NC for the third time in a row.
  17. Captain Murphy

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    I don't doubt he is a nice person. There's something distinctive, though, about his neck width/head width ratio. Kinda reminds me of Bill Romanowksi.
  18. Shark4

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  20. parkerco

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    A linebacker for OSU using performance enhancing drugs? Come on, let's not be crazy. They just recruit large craniums.
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  24. William Cannon

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    He's no AJ Hawk
  25. Shark4

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  26. Shark4

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  27. Texas Rugby

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    Laurinaitis is a solid player.
  28. okhorns

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    I would love to see osu and ou matched in a bowl game and see who chokes the chicken first. [​IMG]
  29. Shark4

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  30. Back to Texas

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    I cannot think of a more overrated player in college football over the past several years.

    The fact that he has won the Nagurski and Butkus awards is laughable. Big 10 LBer? Check. White? Check. Starter for a "great" defense (read the best d in a conference with bad offenses)? Check.

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