Leach already in the headlines:

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Son of a Son, Apr 8, 2020.

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    Here's an interesting statement from the posted article:

    "In a statement Tuesday, Mississippi State athletic director John Cohen said that there was a plan in place to provide Leach with opportunities to 'expand his cultural awareness of Mississippi.'"
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    A highly educated man of the world like Leach probably should have thought about the noose image in the South, even in a subtle cartoon about the virus. However, I think everyone should take a deep breath and cut him some slack.

    He probably has or will apologize for the poor choice.
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    That's pretty much how I feel.
  5. Driver 8

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    Leach is no dummy, he can't be that tone deaf
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    I think he has been in the West too long. Noose out there is normally reserved for cattle rustlers.
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    Supreme irony there.
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  9. bystander

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    The writer's response goes under the heading of Mindless Egalitarianism. Politically correct racism is more of a problem than a giant aggressive, smart communist country bent on dominating the world. Politically correct racism is more important than calling out this despotic country for launching this world crisis.

    And the sick thing is the arrogance of the Left as they ignore the things I just said. They are unreachable. You can't negotiate with people like that. Just vote for Trump and forget about it. He is the blow-back to their sick world view.
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  10. I_Dont_Exist

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    Honestly not trying to minimize what happened in Mississippi and our country's history but are you familiar with Elton John's song "Benny and the Jets"? Does anyone think his intention was to make fun of people who stutter? Seriously, take a step back once in awhile.
  11. bystander

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    No. I believe he was making a joke. But at the same time, in this day and age, it's pretty obvious what is EXTREMELY sensitive and nooses are and will always be to our African American friends. It's not that hard to remember. Just a little empathy and historical knowledge which you would think Leach in all his self-assumed intellectual prowess would get. It's not that much to remember.
  12. I_Dont_Exist

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    Again to be honest I really haven't kept up with the news much for many years. I grew up with 2 black people being a significant part of my life in the 60's-70's. Have things regressed to those days?
  13. bystander

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    I think times are different. The sensitivity levels have increased dramatically. I'm 61 so I was in high school in the 70's, living in Laredo on the Texas border. Not much black culture there except the music on the radio.

    I've talked in depth with a few black friends (by the way, there seems to be an even split as to preference to the term black or African American) about it all. They have a simmering resentment below the surface because every one of them say they have been profiled and these are white collar college educated people so you can't blame them for acting like a gangsta or any of the profiling things we read about.

    My personal opinion is this: there is a great outrage now about our history. They are outrage about slavery, Jim Crow, Mississippi Burning, Dr. King's assassination etc. Their well developed freedoms (relative to the past) has created a latent hostility and need to emotionally vent and get on an even keel with white people who are "tired" of their complaints, which if you think about, is just another outrage: White people oppressed us; now they want us to get over it.

    All that being said, Leach should know better because if he is going to coach black athletes then he needs to know where they are coming from. I'm very surprised he doesn't.
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  14. mb227

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    I'm thinking he realizes he gave his players too much credit for having possessed an ability to use common sense and see humor for what it is...he now realizes he has a bunch of humorless twits on his roster...
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    That is their culture. It is who they are now. It's just like how Jewish people live life through the prism of the holocause, the pograms and Muslims who wish to kill them. That is their blood.

    I don't know this for a fact, but that is the difference between Leach and Mack. Mack knew his audience and sincere or not, he would give them what they needed to hear. He had that discipline. Leach is a loose cannon. And that means he's not exactly as smart as he thinks he is unless we measure intelligence by the absence of sensitivity.
  16. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    is it possible that your educated friends see racism because they expect to see it when in reality none was there?
    Example, a black friend of mine said he was singled out as shoplifter because he was black. I have been singled out and followed by store security too.
    Or someone passed over for promotion who automatically thinks racism when in fact the person was not qualified.
    Everything is NOT always racism. Making everything about racism dilutes real racism.
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  17. El Sapo

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    I don't know what it's like to frame my existence as an offended victim at every opportunity but I'm getting tired of those who do. I feel like black America by and large has racism goggles on 24/7 and I've noticed in life that if you start looking for the devil under every bed... you'll find him. Personally, I thought it was a cute little post by Leach poking light-hearted fun at marriage, nothing more, and I don't think he should have to apologize for a thing.
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  18. bystander

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    Anything is possible. I can't question them on it because it is their experience and I wasn't there. I think though they are not extremists. It's kind of like this; "This is my experience and if you don't like it then don't ask." They aren't dicks about it even though my quote sounds like they are. But it's not their opinion. It's their life.

    So are they too sensitive? I don't know. None of them are the hand out kind of person as I know their work ethic and engagement in their careers. But they feel the problems still exist. It's a difficult conversation to have because I don't want to come across as accusing them of needing to tone it down or seek counseling because of an emotional overload that creates ghosts where none exist. That's up to them to decide.

    But I do know they will vote for Biden.
  19. bystander

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    My Father emigrated to the US from Cuba in 1955. He had a thick accent and started from scratch though he represented Cuban three times in the Olympics as a gymnast. He eventually earned a Ph. D. and raised his boys to be self-sufficient. We both look white (our mother is an Okie and I apologize for that blood line! Ha!) so neither of us experienced discrimination. My father definitely did. My mother once told me he received a reference from one of his professors that said something like, "Smart, hard working, BUT LIKE MOST LATINS, HE IS EMOTIONAL." So he had to over-come the stigma. Was he emotional? In some ways, but he was also very philosophical and did not wake up in a victim's frame of mind. Not at all. And we admired him for that. He would say, "What are you going to do? Cry and call the President?"

    It's not that he didn't value activism but he knew his own hard work was the way to live.
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  20. X Misn Tx

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    if i had to take a guess, it is the lack of racism in Leach that lead to his lack of awareness. just my guess.

    now gundy and the chinaman...
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  21. Son of a Son

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    X, that is a profound statement. It also makes complete sense to me, and I'd bet you're exactly right!
  22. bystander

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    Whatever I say about over-reach and my family's experiences, we still have to recognize that the human mind is a mystery and it's fears are not easily controlled or ignored. The fear of the past is real. The vigilance of "Never again" never sleeps.

    It's not so hard in my view to understand. I'm not inconvenienced by political correctness in my daily life but at the same time I see how it is exploited by Liberal politicians and I literally hate them for that. Or maybe it's a healthy dose of "Can't stand them" instead of hate. I don't like to hate but the problems they cause are enormous.
  23. bystander

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    It could be that Leach is "post-racial" as many felt when Obama won in 2008. But it's not a post-racial world and he can't live in it as if it is. It's the same as Liberals who now believe climate change mitigation is real and all those who do not think or act like them are anachronisms who must be disposed of (or at a minimum they root for their deaths).
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    @X Misn Tx the chinaman is not the issue!
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    And all that are offended probably thought the opening scene of the Academy Award winning movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was great.
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    Off topic. but the movie was scored by a graduate of The University of Texas
  28. X Misn Tx

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    yeah, just a different problem is all.

    i have a neighbor who is a close friend and jewish. one day we're talking about a new muslim neighbor and i said we should all go down to the bar one night just so we could say...a muslim, a jew, and a christian walk into a bar... and was told that the term "jew" is generally negative in their family. a neighbor, close friend... i didn't know. no one thought i was racist. i just learned a new sensitivity.
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    Yeah, OK, but I'm 59 and I've been hearing their bitching about it all my life. I am frankly tired of it. There can be no doubt that race relations are supremely better now than 40-50 years ago, but the black agitators act like they are still in chains, which is bullshiite. Black athletes paid millions who say the owner is "running a plantation" particularly piss me off.

    Now, you could say that the folks complaining today are not the same ones that complained when I was young, but I never had anything to do with slavery and all that, my ancestors are German, who were decidedly anti-slavery and anti-Confederacy, and yet I still have to listen to it and be painted with that same brush because I am white. In the end, you are right, and maybe it's my cranky-old-man setting in, but, yeah, I'm tired of it all.
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