Leander’s Rouse High libero Reilly Heinrich joins UT's 2020 class

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by BabHorn, Apr 18, 2018.

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    FYI, more updated list:
    2019 Recruits:
    MB - Molly Phillips (Mansfield, TX)
    OH - Logan Eggleston (Brentwood, TN)
    OH - Skylar Fields (Missouri City, TX)

    2020 Recruit:
    S - Naomi Cabello (Clermont, FL)
    OH - Madison Williams (Mansfield, TX)
    L - Nalani Iosia (Redondo Beach, CA)
    L - Reilly Heinrich (Leander, TX)
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    On a volleyball note, the OH from Hebron committed to Nebraska this,week. Today’s DMNews says the sophomore will NOT be playing,for Hebron anymore. Not leaving Hebron....just not playing for her high school team. Seems like more and more players are just playing club. O’Neal didn’t play last winter for Southlake Carrrol. I also hate to see Nebraska taking our best players......including Sun.
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    It was a very interesting article. She said she would not be playing because she did not want to get hurt. Club volleyball/soccer/whatever are a higher risk on many fronts - worse venues, worse transportation, no training/medical onsite, questionable coaching skills, etc..
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