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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by LongIslandIceSIP, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. LongIslandIceSIP

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    So... I'm taking a school trip to Brazil. Studying emerging markets as part of a B-School class.

    Anyway, I need some Brazil trips. I will fly into GRU (Sao Paulo) early on a Friday morning (8/21) and wont have class till Sunday night (8/23)(welcome dinner). Is there any cool city/place nearby to visit for a few days? It should be close to Sao Paulo since I only have a couple of days.

    I'll then be in Sao Paulo all week. Then, we are flying to Belo Horizonte for more B-School stuff for another week.

    THEN, I'm done with school events on Friday 9/4 and am free till my return flight on Wednesday 9/9.

    What are the must do's? I think Rio is a must, but what else do I have time to see?

    I'll shut up and listen. [​IMG]
  2. BigWill

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    don't know much about the country, except that the waxes are the greatest thing ever
  3. CanaTigers

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    I wouldn't fly Air France there.
  4. bevosayshi

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    What BigWill said....

  5. Summerof79

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    When the hot tall chick comes on to you remember....

    Brazil is the sex change capital of the Americas....
  6. Roger

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    if you like to eat beef and look at hot chicks you'll be in heaven
  7. soonerinatlanta

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