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Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by flash34, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Was featured in Sports Illustrated recently in the section where they write about high school and college athletes. She had a paragraph about her accomplishments and that she would play at Texas. I tossed the magazine but someone else might still have a copy. Since I didn't really know anything about her, I searched and found out she is a 6'-2" OH. Probably would take Cerame's spot next year. She is a Cali girl that surprised most by coming to Texas.
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  2. UTexRulz23

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    She's been committed for a decent while too. She's got power like crazy. Has a lot of national team experience. She'll be a four-year starter.
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  3. texasdpt

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    Lexi was ranked the #1 recruit in the 2017 class, while Brionne Butler was #2, and Ashley Shook #6. Brionne is a 6'3 MB with a vertical of 11'. Ashley is a 6'1 setter who hails from the same volleyball club (SPVB) that's produced Wisconsin's Lauren Carlini and Texas-Ex Michelle Kocher. This class is definitely coming in with lots of accolades and high expectations.

    I really hope Ashley Shook is the real deal at setter. If the passing/ball control holds up and she can set the middles effectively, Texas has a legitimate shot of winning it all the next several years.

    I personally would love to see a line-up of:
    OH- Micaya, Lexi
    Opp - Ebony
    MB - Yaazie, Chiaka (yes, rumors are that she will be back next season)
    S - Ashley
    L- Cat
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  4. racerx5908

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    Out of curiosity, where do you get the rankings of the players? From a pay site?
  5. UTexRulz23

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    PrepVolleyball Senior Aces
    Yes it's a pay site. Seems to be pretty worth it.
  6. UTexRulz23

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    Yes, that lineup is scary good. Even scarier that Brionne isn't listed. Don't get me wrong I'm excited about Lexi, but I think Brionne is coming in with some pretty stacked abilities and could be another Khat Bell or even Destinee Hooker!
  7. majorwhiteapples

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    you guys have me jazzed for the next few years, thanks for the insight!!!
  8. 10SNE1?

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    This video is from 2 yrs ago. Lexi is on the far court. Check out her back row attack just 25 seconds into it. She's a strong OH and should be a starter from the first day she steps out on court at Texas.

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