LHN question (I know...but with good reason)

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by biganakhanhda, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. biganakhanhda

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    Now that the Big 12-2-1 looks to be intact for another year. Will we see some of the other major providers join Verizon? If so, how soon?
  2. dthree36

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    Not until the B12 is guaranteed stability and that means having everyone sign on and getting back to 10 minimum or 12 as the name implies. This conference realignment stuff is far from over. SEC at 13... that is just time until the tornado touches down again. BIG East was just granted authority to proceed expansion plans. ACC... will they grow more. All I have been hearing is that the negotiations are on hold indefinitely until this madness is resolved.
  3. biganakhanhda

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    I've been hearing the same hoopla too. I've called and complained so much on a consistent basis that DTV gave me free HD access for 2 years, sports package, Fox Soccer Plus for a year each free for being a "loyal" customer. Beats nothing I suppose
  4. TheGallopinGoose

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    We'll probably see another major LHN push leading up to the next UT football game on the LHN (vs. Kansas, Oct. 29). Some more providers may jump on then. After that, it may not start up again in full force until as late as next football season.
  5. GRhino

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    I know I'd love it if I had it, but it is dead to me. If they ever want this channel to be relevant, then it needs to be on DTV, Dish, etc...
  6. Horn in the USA

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    Thanks for the reminder about coercing DTV into giving free services in lieu of not carrying the LHN. I've had quite the history of DVR problems with them (DVR meltdowns, lost seasons of recorded shows, etc) that I've gotten tons of free HBO, Showtime, $10 off monthly bill, etc. It's a pain in the *** to deal with them and not something to look forward to. However, it's really just as simple as calling 1-800-DIRECTV, bitching for awhile, suggesting that Verizon FIOS looks pretty good and then offers will start coming your way. This may be common knowledge to many of you Direct TV subscribers but after bitching at the customer service rep and hearing what they are authorized to offer you, just ultimately ask to speak to "Retention'. They will typically up the offer. Wouldn't hurt to rehash any past problems that you've had with equipment, outages (say, not getting to see the final few minutes of the the recent aggy misery because of a freaking direct TV blackout). Probably best if you are already pissed about something else and have somewhat of a buzz going.

    On second thought, I think I'm going to put the wife on this. She can tell them what a complete a-hole her husband is about this whole LHN thing and that our freaking neighbors have it on Verizon. Bitching is not enough. Make them pay with some 'extended' free services. They'll typically always give you Showtime for free (maybe up to 6 months), not so much with HBO. Showtime does have Dexter, which I think is about the former weight challenged, although agile UT post Dexter Pittman. So start cutting your satellite bills and broadening your services today.

    If any of you work for Direct TV, well sorry. I'm guessing you're not that committed to them anyway.

    aggy no longer loses because they run out of time. They lose because the games are just too long.

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