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    ^^^^^^This. [​IMG]
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    Bystander, whatever argument you have is reduced to drivel when you start making personal attacks. You have your opinion, but stating that your thought is over someone else head is disingenuous when you don't seem to understand the basic mechanics of negotiation and business.

    ESPN and Texas have set their anchor. TWC and other providers have countered. It is a complex process that many in the industry have gone through.

    Not having some home games on TV is the equivalent to baseball teams blacking their games out. This will help attendance and participation in some of the weaker games. At the end of the day, Belmont is looking out for the long-term success of our program. This may cause you short-term pain. Deal with it.
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    They should put all of the games on the LHN. We can always read the recap of the games in Sunday papers. I truly think that most fans will never have access to the LHN. Something would have broken by now.
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    As soon as Grande gets to Lockhart I am telling TWC to shove it up their asses.
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    You didn't answer my question. Do you attend away games? Did you qualify for tickets to the Ole Miss game?
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    Some of us cannot go to the games.
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    Ok Taps you win, I have no reason to complain about not seeing the game. It is obvious to all that you cannot hold a reasonable discussion about seeing UT home games without digressing to irrelevant points because you think that is a valid one to make. I also like how you avoid valid ones and pick out what you can argue.

    I also concede that I have been the one here saying that LHN is horrible and I apparently complain about not being able to see the games. Still waiting for that piece of evidence too. If you would actually read my discussion, you would notice that I am only pointing out things and not actually complaining or bitching about not being able to see the game. The reason is that I will be camping at Denali National Park since I cannot see the game.

    Now, answer my question about the away games. Do you go to the away games? Did you qualify for the tickets at Ole Miss?

    I am beginning to think that you do not go to away games and did not qualify for the Ole Miss game, since you seem to be avoiding those particular questions.
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    For the sake of argument, let's assume that I don't go to all the away games. Let's assume an away game that I don't attend is not televised. In that case, I would listen to the radio broadcast of the game, just as I do when inside DKR.

    Hope that helps. You're lucky to be in Denali on Sept. 1 [​IMG]
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    Hey Taps,

    What about the Soldiers that are deployed and stationed all over the globe? Do you expect them to fly in from Japan, Australia, Korea, Germany, Poland, Afgahnistan, Kuwait, Egypt and thousands of other places to attend? How does having season tickets benefit them? I mean, a round trip weekend to Austin from S. Korea is a hefty price for most people not named Taps. Watching your team play while deployed or overseas is a huge moral booster, but do you expect them to fly back for games they cant see? I guess you can tell them, "hey, itll get better later", but we are at war, there may not be a later for them.
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    I dont mean to be condescending, especially since I love watching the horns as much as anyone, but all the hand-wrining about the early years of the LHN smacks of some desperately bad life strategery. Go play with your kids. Smell some flowers. Get laid. Wait a few weeks. Lots of things out there to ease your pain, friends.
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    All I know is that living in Las Vegas, not much has changed. I wouldn't have gotten to see the first two games without the LHN in place, and I won't get to see them now. I'm happy that there may be an option for that on the horizon if/when the LHN and ESPN get the deal done. In the meantime, the University's getting a boat-load of cash and i have internet radio.

    Hook 'em!
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    wow. Just wow.
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    Incredible that some people don't understand that with all of the media and technology available nowdays that I and others are complaining about missing games. To those, I wholeheartedly say.....F OFF! [​IMG]
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    We absolutely would have gotten to see the opener but for the LHN. The last Wyoming game was on TV (for free); this one would have been too. Texas is too big of a draw for some cable channel not to pick it up. In recent years all of the games have been televised for the most part with fee rare exceptions, especially so of late with the proliferation of channels. There will be 20+ games on next week with less interest nationally and locally than UT v Wyomong. The LHN has totally backfired on it's stated goal of expanding the brand and ensuring exposure of the program and players, especially to new recruits. USC will have all 12 of it's games televised this year. We will have 9 or 10. That blows. No other way around it. And arguing with Texas Taps is like arguing with a retarded Taliban member with Obsessive compulsive disorder about the merits of goat buggery -- not a worthwhile endeavor, so I suggest just ignoring him. It's probably too much to hope that he just goes away, but since arguing with him is like wrestling with a pig (you get only muddy and the pig enjoys it), determined shunning is probably the best course.
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    You don't know that and I ask what channel you think it would have. I have done the work already so you have to look it up yourself if you can stop whining. Just what channel would you propose it to be on? Be prepared to know the nuances of tv contracts, what goes into determining what team gets tv time, how many games, etc. What weeks what network gets what game and under what circumstances. Are you going to play god and magically change the tv time assuming every team goes by when we want to or don't want to play? Have this info ready other than trite "I know because I am typing it on the internet".

    Remember that two years ago we were not in a bowl game. Remember we were glad to just make one last year and our fans were booing our players. What exactly makes you think we are a shoe in with all factors concerned besides you running thin on kleenex?

    Go look up the schedule and tell me what game we should take the place of. It's a given that we could possibly be on ppv but I do recall a game or two not meeting that criteria...and that is not in the 80s. Sadly, I don't recall exactly which one, I don't dwell.

    Regarding Military (just in case...not nec. the one with this in their username, in general). Thanks for serving as well. I was not a whiny complaining ***** about it when I had to go without sometimes seeing any game but the OU and Ag games. I dealt with it, sucked it up and drove on and somehow lived my life. Y'all must not be infantry or something because I see a lot of fluid in the groin. Please don't be officers for the sake of you soldiers who surely you don't have the respect of if something like this is such an issue. For f's sake, grow a pair.

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    You miss the point about the Soldiers. I know why I was deployed and we werent on mission, it was THE thing to do on Saturday night, Sunday Morning. Watching college football games was huge. When we couldnt watch, nobody was crying or whining about it. We had work to do, but when there isnt work to do, seeing the game was something from home that helped us keep it together. Some were longhorn fans, some were Sooners like myself, Hogs, Buckeyes and plenty more.

    So, you are correct. Perhaps the Soldiers that are Longhorn fans should just shut up and take it. I guess they dont have any other recourse. Still, its gotta sting to wait this long to see your team and will now have to wait two weeks longer than everyone else.
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    Making references to growing a pair and fluid in the grown is not the sign of an adult. I also hope it's not the sign of a soldier.

    The ENTIRE discussion centers on this: people like Taps are so taken by their heroes DeLoss Dodds et al that they are easily duped. To make ridiculous comments about personal choices of where you live as some sort of end-all argument is just that; ridiculous. If every UT alum lived in Austin the majority wouldn't get into the stadium. I can't even believe how much this guy buys his own BS. DeLoss is smiling because he was counting on people like Taps.
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    Maybe my sarcasm meter is off but I don't think he believes that and I am baffled by how many stick to that. I am def. tired of the whining by people about the channel yet i understand how it must be less than savory to not be able to get it. However it's to the point I almost want them to not get it awhile due to their antics.

    Part of me wants them to get it and shut up, the other to keep whining as it's somewhat entertaining. But at no point did I ever take Taps' posts about being a bad fan if you moved out of Austin. I don't think and I hope he does not believe that beyond pushing buttons and controlling adults from his keyboard and monitor. He does that very well.

    I try not to picture him in his leather outfit laughing at people and their responses.


    The LHN is a freaking awesome channel if you like the Horns.

    Not having it and wanting it has to suck.

    There are negotiations ongoing that are way beyond our intel and knowledge.

    ou sucks
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    Anyone know this guys email addy???

    David Preschlack, ESPN’s senior vice president for affiliate sales and marketing,

    Maybe enough people flood the emails he gets the idea. i would gladly PAY a premium price for the LHN.. GLADLY. just like I do HBO and all the others.
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    I guess if we were to rally the troops, so to speak, and assault an entity we would need to figure out who is the most vulnerable and willing to give. Is it pestering ESPN or the providers? I have a feeling the weak link is the providers since more of our money comes directly through them and they choose the prices on the packages they sell.

    Too bad there is not a way to even threaten to take money from both at the same time. Who would y'all say is the weaker link and more prone to give to public outcry if it were enough? Cable/Satellite providers or the Four Letter Network Family?
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    And again I ask you what our quota is for games v. that channel? Is there a contract to show X amount of those games? Has our conference maxed out the games allotted to us? Tell me the conference game, that relates to us, in our time slot that we could take.

    TV times

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