Lions' Suh fined $30,000

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by bck031, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. bck031

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    ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) -- Ndamukong Suh isn't sorry for what he did to Matt Schaub.

    ''I was dragged to the ground,'' Suh said Wednesday. ''A lot of things happen to me.

    ''It's part of the game.''

  2. dillohorn

    dillohorn Guest

    The guy should be banned from ever playing again. It's just a matter of time before he cripples someone,or worse. These are all deliberate acts on his part. I'm surprised that someone hasn't taken out his knees.
  3. jackden

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    It is "Roid rage"
  4. Hu_Fan

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    As he was going down, with leg extended, he almost broke his ankle twisting his foot in the air trying to get in the jab.

    It looked like SNL's MacGruber trying to dismantle an explosive as the seconds ticked down. It's a wonder he didn't cramp his calf he was trying with such desperation.

    To be such a tough guy, he won't owe up to his intentions.
  5. Dogbert

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    Suh is scum.
  6. caryhorn

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    The problem with Suh is that he does in full view of the fans, refs and TV cameras what is usually just done out of view in the bottom of piles. In other words, he is a dumbass.
  7. NBHorn7

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    The guy is a thug and in the time when the NFL is banning
    players and coaches for bounties I would think they might
    consider banning a player that does the equivalent for nothing
    more it seems than for his own amusement and not money.
  8. omnipresent

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    I hope he severs his spine slipping on a banana peel..or, gets testicular cancer
  9. SunBurntOrange

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  10. Hookem123

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    A boy named Suh, grows up to be an ******* named Suh.
  11. FBTxEx

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    Heard on the radio today, and this is really hard to believe, that Suh has had only 1 penalty called on him this season and it was for offside.
  12. Texas Taps

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    So it's $15K per nut?
  13. Joe Fan

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    $15K per football
  14. notanative

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    The fact that fines don't seem to stop this maniac should be the reason for something that works.
  15. LongJohn

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    Suh is such a DB first for committing these utterly stupid acts but then playing so innocent. If you're going to be a thug, just own up to it.

    The video clearly shows his effort to place his foot in the right place then gives and extra extension. No way in hell you can convince viewers that was a natural fall.

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