Lone Star coaches clinic online live via Zoom - $75

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    Lone Star Coaching Clinic

    For any of you hard core Xs and Os guys and ladies, the Lone Star coaches clinic will be broadcast live via Zoom this coming Friday through Sunday. Early registration is $75. Kwiatkowski will teach a session, along with coaches from most of the major college programs in Texas, some national coaches (Clemson, Georgia, Utah, Navy, South Carolina--Muschamp will teach a session), and some high school coaches. It doesn't say you must be a HS or JH coach to be eligible to attend via Zoom (maybe just register as an independent ...?). As far as I can tell, you can just pay $75 and watch all the classes via Zoom. Any questions on eligibility of non-coaches to pay for and watch the courses, or other questions, call Phone: 830-885-5415.

    Coach K will speak on "Building a pass rusher with fundamentals and techniques." and "Teaching tackling in today's world."

    The only weakness I can see in the lineup is that Manny Diaz wasn't invited to teach the class on tackling.
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