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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Hornin Hong Kong, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I have lived outside of the US now for 5 years and I have

    a) Never flown in Economy
    b) Never paid for Business or First

    Either the company paid or I used miles for the upgrade.

    I am now going to fly to Florida via NYC on Cathay because business class is 84,000 HKD round trip per person or about 11000 USD per. I refuse dude. There are some things I just won't do.

    So, I couldnt upgrade with miles but I have been informed by my people that there is a decent chance that I will get the free upgrade because they always overbook coach and nobody actually pays for bus/1st during the holidays and I am diamond on cathay/platinum one world.

    Still, the wife is only silver Cathay so there could be the nightmare scenario where they only upgrade me.


    I bought two of those neck collar pillow thingies and got 6 hits of Ambien and packed some sandwiches.

    I know I won't get much sympathy but my mentral state will be for **** if I don't get upgraded.

    I can almost guarantee I won't be doing this ever again. I was guilted into travelling during the peak holiday season by my mother.

    The stress alone makes it not worth it. I think I will impregnate my wife next year so she can't travel.
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    I have flown coach, business class and a couple of times, first class. I think the latter two are not a big deal for flights in the country. But boy was the trip to HK an adventure in coach. If it ends up that you don't get upgraded you will have the biggest test of your marriage so far. You will survive just fine as you two are badasses but this will make Africa seem luxurious.

    It is not a living hell but it is tedious. You will begin to hate the people around you. Music is your salvation, brother. Check to see what movies and tv programs are on the flight to see if you need to take some with you for your laptop.

    I think I would love to see you in this situation as you are a fast paced dude. If you can, bribe for the upgrade. I want this for you, badly.
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    If you purchased your tickets at the same time they normally (i.e. on the same confirmation number) they normally will not upgrade only one of the passengers (in my experience). Some airlines will apply the higher-status of the travelling couple when processing upgrades (space permitting, of course) - once my wife and I were flying BA from IAH to LHR, I had the top BA status at the time and she had no status, but we were both upgraded to business class.

    In the off chance you AREN'T upgraded, make sure you pick your seats well beforehand (usingThe Link to help you find the best ones).

    Finally, if coach isn't oversold, they may not upgrade you, but don't let that stop you from asking at check-in. If they don't give it to you at check-in, you should also ask immediately upon boarding - find the head flight attendant, and see if he/she can help you (obviously finding some casual way to mention your status with the airline). Sometimes they will throw you a bone if you request it while the flight is still boarding (once everyone is seated, its more difficult b/c everyone will see you moving up to the front cabin and others will start asking, etc)

    Good luck
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    well, the flight was oversold in all classes so i rode economy. very disagreeable but not nearly as bad as I thought.

    IN cathay at least my legs dont smack the chair in front and they have modern cabins that have shifting rather than sliding seats.

    They have the full entertainment swuite - does evryone know? LIke 150 movies.

    I think what is key is they still have hot, friendly eager to help flight attendents rather than grouchy old uniion battle axes on US carriers.

    I think this will be my last Christmas travelling ever but it wasnt horrifying.

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