Longhorn Alumni Band to march in D-Day Anniversary Parade in Normandy

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    Great story on LHAB plans for 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy and Mel Kusin, WWII Vet and LHAB member who plans to attend.

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    Never was in the band, and only know 3-4 people who were, but this is extraordinary. We do very little in this country to remember that fateful day, but the French go all out.

    This is extraordinary! Congratulations!

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    Excellent! Congrats to the LHAB on this honor!

    June 6, 1944
    June 6, 2019

    Can you post a link to the story or article? This will no doubt show up in The Alcalde magazine in the coming months.

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    Thank you for the link.
    A wonderful thing to do.

    500 people? Awesome:hookem:
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    saw this on the DFW news the other night. outstanding!

    92 y/o ... and he's ALL THERE, y'all. Wish I could take 'em over there!
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    Two others I know of, one personally, UT legends, RIP didn't make it as long as this young whippersnapper of 92, TechSgt Kusin,

    Thomas Wade Landry

    Joined USArmyAirCorps after his first year at UT industrial engineering, his brother Robert had died serving in a B-17 crew taking it from the U.S. to England, lost at sea. Tom returned to UT in 1946, having survived his 30 missions as a B-17 co-pilot, with one crash landing in Belgium.

    Tom Landry - Wikipedia

    Franklin Beaumont Johnson

    Franklin Johnson Obituary - Austin, Texas - Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home North

    "After his high school graduation in 1939, he entered the University of Texas at Austin, but interrupted his education in 1942 to serve as an Artillery Officer in France and Germany with the 45th Division. He served as Forward Observer, and Survey and Liaison Officer in 157th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. Frank returned to the University of Texas at Austin in 1946 with his new bride, Patricia Ann Branson of Harlingen, Texas."

    My personal knowledge is of Professor/Chairman Johnson. While in my last semester of my engineering masters at UT, Dr. Johnson asked me to teach in his stead for one of his courses for a couple of weeks. He and Pat, his wife, were to go to France for a WWII reunion, must have been 45th since it was 1989.

    I went to discuss with my graduate advisor --- I was working 40 hours at a state job at the time involved in a public hearing as a technical witness for the state, finishing up my masters report, doing 15 hours of grad school and doing some job interviews in Houston. Told my grad advisor that I was behind in his course and of the work load I was under, and NOW Dr. Johnson asked me to teach for him.

    He told me: "Don't worry, you realize Dr. Johnson is a legend, right? WWII veteran, former chairman of the Civil Engineering Department, .... you substitute for him and don't worry about my course."

    Felt proud to stand in for him, in a role no where near compared to the life and death situations heroes like him, Tom Landry, and TechSgt Kusin are.

    God Bless them all, and...

    Hook 'em Horns!!
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    Great story !!!

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