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    Deggs is a good coach going to a good program.
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    I got to see our new closer: Dawson Merryman pitch the bottom of the 9th for the Chatham Anglers last night against Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox. This was a non save situation because Chatham already led by 5 and he entered at the top of the inning, so there were no runners on base when he entered. He faced 4 batters:

    Pitching Substitution 35 Dawson Merryman subs for Mason Hazelwood Pitcher.

    #22 Carson Taylor: Ball, Ball, Foul, Called Strike, Foul, Ball, 22 Carson Taylor putout (4-3) for out number 1

    #4 Riley King: Called Strike, Foul, Ball, 4 Riley King putout (strike out) for out number 2

    Offensive Substitution 29 Ronald Washington subs for Tate Samuelson.

    #29 Ronald Washington Called Strike, Ball, Swinging Strike, Ball, Ball, 29 Ronald Washington advances to 1st (walk)

    #12 Joseph Hall Called Strike, Ball, Ball, Ball, 12 Joseph Hall advances to 1st (fielder's choice), 29 Ronald Washington putout (6-4) for out number 3.

    He pitched very quickly and with great confidence. He didn’t get frustrated with the walk and wasn’t troubled with the runner on 1st. He kept the ball low with good velocity and sidewise movement from his sidewinder motion.

    His ERA is 2.76 in 13 games, 13 IP, 13Ks.

    Quirky delivery pitchers can be great in the late innings because they only face a couple of batters, so its hard to figure them out.
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    Tulowitzki hire is a splash but you have to wonder how long he sticks around. He certainly fits the bill to address one of the two big issues from last year, the fielding woes. Now if they can address the pitching collapse.......
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    ^^^^^ A start.
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    Had the opportunity to speak with Pierce about Tulo, Street and recruiting

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    Mark Payton with 30 bombs. Now with A's 3A team Las Vegas/PCL + .325ba w/ 1.053 OPS
    Maybe he will called up soon?
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    Texas baseball recruiting class ranked No. 10 by Baseball America | Hookem.com

    I note that Baseball America ranked our previous year's recruiting class # 8, mostly on the strength of a bunch of young arms who have yet to distinguish themselves here. Some of the last year's freshman pitchers had good summers and look to be much improved next year.

    Eric Kennedy had a great freshman year and Lance Ford also played well.

    I am SO excited about TROY TULOWITZKI and HUSTON STREET joining the coaching staff.

    I got a chance to see some of our freshmen play in the state tournament and was particularly impressed with BRENDEN DIXON.

    I'm looking to Fall Ball in October and am much more optimistic about this year's team than I was at the end of the season.
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    Pierce said every position was open when asked about players. " When you go 27-27 every position is open." LOL .... Actually a great coach in any sport should have every position open every year no matter what the record was the previous season, or how well a player did before.
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    Shouldn't the quote actually be "When you go 27-27 I pray to God they let me coach the entire next season"?
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    guess gonna have to get that engagement ring somewhere else, eh JF?! not gonna get it from Jared...:puke:
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    I dont know if you guys have ever seen Episcopal's field but it is immaculate. Hats off to their groundskeeper. The grass there is at least as nice as MMP.
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    yeah, JF, what will our recruiting ranking be after those (several) commits that are projected high draft picks sign MLB contracts? :facepalm:
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    Team USA guy, one of best LHP in the nation, previously uncommitted prospect from LA, beating out Vanderbilt
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    So we wasted 4 players at assuming 25% ship level? I guess we use those in summer for juco transfers? The PR is great though, wonder what this class is ranked after draft and we lose the top 4 that are all going within the first 2 rounds
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