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    Sorry to be pessimistic, but once they start cancelling football games, will UT refund the Longhorn Foundation donation along with the price of the tickets? I assume it could roll to the next season. The same question applies in the case of some reduced capacity seating arrangement. I'm sure Del Conte is all over this issue.
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    I doubt anyone here can answer that one. My guess is no refund because it's a, well, donation, and donation means you weren't expecting anything in return (yea right in this case). Letting it roll into next season makes sense, but they'll surely be hurting for money with no full season so perhaps not.
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    Per the CDC email, tix are refundable or convert to donation.
    You have no financial downside with a refund option.
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    That’s tickets Pecos. Separate issue from donation.
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    CDC sent out an email a couple of months back. Both your donation and your tickets can be handled one of three ways:

    1) A refund from the athletic department

    2) Rollover to next year

    3) Made into a donation to the academic side (Considering how well those morons handle the money they are getting from elsewhere, I have a big picture of that happening other than people getting drunk and checking the wrong box.)

    Speaking of which, does anyone know how they are coming along with T Boone Pickens' $500 million? Wish he had lived to say, "Wire the money boys, we ain't taken your check".
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    Longhorn Foundation 512-471-3333

    If the Horns dont play or if there is a reduction in seating capacity where a LHF member or season ticket holder is denied seating then all the Football related donations - seat gifts, LHF donation, ticket cost, parking cost, clubs etc will be refunded in full.

    If the member chooses to roll over the 2020 donation in lieu of refund there will be incentives in place to help make that decision.

    Also transfer the funds to a different type of donation is possible.
    You have no financial downside with a refund option.

    Hook'em Horns!
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    That is the ticket office phone number.

    Longhorn Foundation remains 512-471-4439, the same number it has had since its inception
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    Sabre, I am aware of the numbers but the LHF referred me to the ticket office for the information. Just the number of extensions to get to a human. Either way you get to the same refund or rollover status.
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    Thanks guys, hadn’t heard the official. Think I’ll probably roll over if it comes to that. Would be nice to know that was already covered when doing next years budget, especially if there are some incentives to do so. Of course my attitude may be adjusted depending on this years debacle solution.
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    Is the refund official? I know someone who has asked for one and was told UT had not decided.
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    Not sure about the refund. One person I know asked for a refund in middle of June and received an email after the request telling him the tickets were non refundable and the “Executive staff” would make a decision on his request for refund. He hasn’t heard anything since the middle of June. No refund or communication from UT.
    The smart move would be to refund on request due to the COVID.
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    2020 Texas Football season ticket renewal deadline is Friday, May 1 - University of Texas Athletics

    I have personally talked to so many of you and some have asked if we will refund your investment in season tickets and seat-related gifts if we are forced to cancel the season due to the pandemic. While we are doing everything we can to ensure we can safely have a football season in the fall and looking forward to that, rest assured that should the season get canceled, or significantly altered, we will make an exception to our standard no-refund policy. Our dedicated Longhorn faithful will have the choice to have their investment returned, or to convert it (including the ticket cost) into a charitable contribution to the Longhorn Foundation.

    An update is expected Aug 1st when the renewal numbers are completed.
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    Hmmm, nothing said about putting toward next year.
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    Dear Longhorn Foundation members,

    I hope this #LonghornFriday finds you and those around you happy and healthy. The Longhorn Foundation and all of Texas Athletics staff continues to work from home to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though we are not on the Forty Acres, we are working hard on planning and coordinating a safe return to DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium in the fall for the upcoming Texas Football season. Vice President and Director of Athletics Chris Del Conte recently announced that, should the football season get canceled or significantly altered, we will be making an exception to our standard no-refund policy on season tickets and seat-related gifts. Our loyal fans will have the choice to either have the cost of season tickets and seat-related gifts returned to them or to convert it into a charitable contribution to the Longhorn Foundation. We hope this helps your decision to renew your 2020 Texas Football season tickets. Before we’re back together at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, we’re looking forward to celebrating our Horns with all of you during our virtual My Texas Tailgate! See you there!

    Amy Folan
    Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director

    Update is expected on Aug 1st to inform us of the options for the upcoming season. Rollover has been mentioned as an option for all members in phone calls to Texas Ticket Office 512-471-3333 and The Longhorn Foundation 512-471-4439.
    Of course they could refund as stated and you could apply those funds to next year.
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    Thanks Pecos, I’m hoping, if it comes to it, that not so many request the refund that Admin feels it necessary to increase pricing next year. It gets harder and harder for me to pay it each year. This years fiasco hasn’t helped of course but naturally a championship season would go a long way in regaining my enthusiasm. Boy do I miss Saturdays at DKR.
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    Good news is that cases will be way down by Aug 1. Already crested.
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    Can’t agree with that since we have only tested 8% of the population in Texas. Between the remaining 92% and it mutating, I hope you’re right, but I fear not.

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    Agree. Football is a "pipe dream" right now. At a minimum, all non-conference games will be cancelled. Even if they play, no fans will be admitted.

    As always, I hope that I am wrong.
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    Look at NY, MA, NJ, RI, DC, CT. Virus ran through those states and there is no second surge at all. I predict cases will be clearly falling by Aug 1 and we will be on the tail by Sept 1. NY is testing 60,000 per day and only 1% (approx 600) are positive.
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    Huh. How do you read the data, and what data? Counting the death statistics for Covid is most reliable. And, those are still climbing linearly and worse in Texas, and particularly in Travis county. Go to the Johns Hopkins site. Go to the US, middle top tab. Pick the lower right portion. Switch the tab at the bottom to deaths. What you will see is a cumulative death curve for the US. Use the field pickers to switch to Texas. Then, just Travis County. US deaths are slowing/peaking. Not so in Texas and Travis County. Hopefully we will be there by September if people collectively do the right thing!! Big football fan here, so I hope things change...
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    Just look at NY, NJ, MA, CT, DC, RI to see what happens 8 weeks after cresting. How come those states didn’t surge after the Floyd protests? It just happened here late. It is a similar late surge as seen in FL, AZ, NC, TN, SC, CA, NM, etc. Basically it blows through and it’s gone.
  22. SabreHorn

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    Not disputing your data, but I’m seeing 2600 deaths in Texas out of 196,000+ positives. The death total seems to be inching up, while the positives is on a more rapid pace because the testing rate is booming with the opening of competent testing centers.
  23. pluckeye

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    SH, I wish I could share the link. But links are happening internally on that site; can't copy and paste. Can you read cumulative curves visually and extrapolate where the trend is going? 2600 is roughly correct. But it's the growth that is the problem. It is not flattening (negative exponential growth). It is linear, and a bit worse, in Texas and Travis County. That's the problem. Hopefully it will reverse with behavioural changes.
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    Here's the basic link. The "click click click" to drill down to US deaths, then Texas, then Travis, is up to you...

    COVID-19 United States Cases by County
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    Um, we haven't crested. What data shows you that Texas has crested?
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    About a week ago I looked at the CV deaths in Texas by day and converted the cumulative numbers (why the hell are the numbers always cumulative? that means nothing when trying to judge trends) to daily totals and plotted it in Excel. The worst you could say is the trend is flat. It is for sure not going up as you state.

    If you are looking at cumulative numbers then OF COURSE it is going up daily.
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    ArcGIS Dashboards

    Daily new fatalities thru 070620 three clicks in under Fatalities
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    AZ and FL looks like they’ve crested. Apparently TX needs a few extra days. Note AZ and FL have a higher per capita case count, so they are ahead of us.
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    Looking at the death counts reported by Texas thro Jul 9:
    Mar 17 to May 8 0 - 1004 deaths in 52 days = 19/day
    May 9 to Jun 15 2029 - 1004 = 1024 deaths in 38 days = 27/day
    Jun 16 to Jul 9 2918 - 2029 = 889 deaths in 23 days = 39/day
    We will exceed 3000 deaths on Friday Jul 10

    The daily fatality rate is increasing over the period since the first death to a new high of 105 deaths on Jul 9.


    The Texas chart for daily lab confirmed positive CV19 tests excluding presumed cases has a similiar trend of increase.

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    Less than 10% of Texans have been tested

    8% of those are positive

    0.12% of positive tests have died.

    As clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers require testing, there will be more positives. Politicians continue to play games. I think we may know more about what's going to happen with the college football season than we know about where this virus is heading.
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