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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Wideawake, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Good show except they need to give Thomas a telestrator(?).
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    That's too bad. Outside of the live game broadcasts, Longhorn Extra was my favorite show on LHN. I will miss it.
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  5. Dionysus

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    I was hoping maybe UT would roll some of the ESPN money back into LHN studio shows, maybe even as part of the RTF program. Maybe they picked up on some of my vibes. Being an old hippie, my vibes are pretty loaded.
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  7. Dionysus

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    Your vibeage must be legendary.
  8. n64ra

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    That won't be on this year. David moved to Lubbock. ESPN also canceled Texas All Access.
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  9. ViperHorn

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    ESPN must be trying to get Texas to call of the deal with a negotiated settlement. Texas would be foolish to do that - but then foolish efforts seem to be the norm with the current administration at Texas.
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    I sure hope the LHN never goes away, it's a God-send for those of us that don't live in Austin or even the Great State of Texas.
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    LHN/ESPN have Texas third tier TV rights thru 2031.

    The Big 12 has the GOR for all conference members thru 2025. A distribution deal for 1st and 2nd tier rights with ESPN and FOX thru 2025.

    The CFP runs thru 2025.

    LHN, ESPN and FOX share the TV Everywhere rights.

    By the time the Big 12 GOR runs out in 2025 the distribution channel for college sports will be redefined and the new income streams for live content will be addressed.

    Broadcast, Cable, Streaming /Online and Mobile will all get addressed.

    Live content will still be the big demand but how we pay to access it will change.
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  12. bystander

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    Well, last night on the LHN they showed a replay of the 1990 Texas-Houston clash. I was at that game. That was wierd to think about as I watched it....
  13. Dionysus

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    I moved back home from Austin to Houston the day of that game, had graduated from UT in May of that year. Got to my parents’ house just in time to watch the game with my dad. That was a fun one to watch.
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  14. bystander

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    I was living in Dallas at the time and was invited by a Longhorn alumnus and now long-time friend. His family has had season tickets since before Germany attacked Poland (you know, the last time Aggy won a NC) it seems. It was a reminder that Houston was on a roll back then. Klingler was the quarterback. The crowd was jacked up. Also I was reminded that Gardere was pretty good! :)
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  15. Lncn

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    I'm in Houston. For what it's worth, I recently moved and researched a little bit when subscribing to cable. I have Xfinity 25Mbit internet for $39/mo (first year, then $61) and "ditched" cable and subscribed to PlayStation Vue for $29.99/mo. I noticed the other day they added the LHN to their "Core" and "Elite" plans which start at $34.99/mo.


    More people need to hop on this train. I never wanted to be a cable cutter because I liked watching ESPN and live sports too much, but PS Vue has made it super easy
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  16. Horns11

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    My sole issues with Vue are that you can only cast things from an Apple device (seriously?) and if you own more than one PlayStation, you can only watch on one of them at a time, despite the fact that you can use the Chromecast or FireTV stick or whatever else you got. Seems a bit arbitrary.

    I like Vue's offerings and I think more companies like Roku and Apple will start to take advantage of this format in the near future.
  17. horninchicago

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    Not in the Chicago area, unfortunately. No LHN, it appears, and more expensive, starting at $44.99.

    I had U-Verse TV at my previous address. We moved in April, and with AT&T having bought DirecTV and Comcast being my only other option, I reluctantly became a satellite customer. Ugh, I swore I never would do that. Hopefully, Comcast picks up LHN. I really look forward to the first big game when I lose my signal for 30 minutes during a storm.
  18. PecosBill

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    Skip cable. Skip Satellites. Use Vue

    Supported Device FAQs

    Is PlayStation™Vue available on devices other than the PS4 and PS3 systems?
    Yep! You can enjoy PlayStation™Vue on a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku streaming devices, and iOS and Android mobile devices. See more about devices and availability below.

    How many devices can I stream PlayStation™Vue on at once?
    A single PlayStation™Vue account can simultaneously stream PlayStation™Vue on up to one PS4 console and one PS3 console in the same home. (Note: at this time, you cannot stream on two PS4 consoles or two PS3 consoles at any given time.)

    You can also use PlayStation™Vue Mobile on up to 3 iOS and Android devices, as well as PlayStation™Vue on Fire TV, Roku streaming devices, and Chromecast. Up to five total streams are supported at once!
  19. Lncn

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    That's true, but I think casting Vue from your phone or tablet wouldn't be most people's normal use cases. Obviously everyone uses their entertainment setup differently, but none of those limitations have been an issue for me. I bought the $100 Fire TV specifically to replace the absence of our UVerse box, mostly because my wife didn't want to use a PS4 controller to use the TV. Admittedly, we only have two TVs in our house though and my old PS3 runs Vue in our bedroom, so there wasn't much more up front cost for us other than the Fire TV. I don't own a Chromecast so I don't know what the limitations are with it.

    That's a good point. Chicago was one of the original markets for Vue, that have slightly different programming, all local channels live, and consequently a higher price. Nationwide they have the "Slim" package which originally didn't stream local over-the-air channels. Not sure if it's this way in all markets with Slim, but I still don't get my local CBS channel through Vue (yet), however they have resolved the local ABC/NBC/FOX channel's contracts to be live. It was just on-demand programming when we first subscribed to it.

    I kinda poked around at the programming for different markets by plugging in different zip codes, and it looks like maybe the LHN might just be in Texas on Vue. Dallas, which has the higher price tag like Chicago being one of the original markets, does contain the LHN. Not sure how it works...

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