Longhorns offer O-lineman Max Lang from Florida

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by OrlandoHorn, Mar 3, 2010.

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    someone on a different site said that the reporter didnt quote him correctly...it was probably Texas Tech or the other ut (tennessee). Mack would not make him an offer over the phone, and we are not going to take 8 OLs.
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    I would assume the top 60 thing and "Bill Buchalter's position rankings" are separate and thus the discrepancy. Regardless, doubt Texas offered or has an interest.
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    mack's policy on OOS kids has been 1) they have some sort of connection to the State of Texas and/or the Longhorn program, 2) they have demonstrated an interest in our program, 3) they actually come to campus to receive an official offer, preferably with mama in tow.

    none of the above 3 guidelines have been met, and this kid doesn't strike as the kind of badass for whom you'd make exceptions, particularly with our number of OL commits, and with hegarty and westerman are in play.

    doesn't mean it's not true, but I'm not buying until we get confirmation.
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    on rivals he shows Texas as one of his favorites, but alas....not to be.........
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    We already got 5 good ones verbaled at OL and we may get two more so I would expect that due to limitations and other needs that the most we will take is 7 OL.
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    Go figure... it was Desert Aggy!!! That's some funny stuff... I guess Lang was wishfully thinking he was offered by TEXAS! [​IMG]
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    somewhere thayer evans and the nytimes staff are sporting wood.

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