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    The 112th Red River SHOOTOUT is coming this Saturday to the Cotton Bowl in a suburb of Fort Worth. Coverage begins at 2:30 on E$PN and at 12:30 on LHN (Texas GameDay).

    Since 2010, the dirt burglars have stolen victories in five of the seven contests. But the Horns still lead the overall series 61-45-5.

    Let's turn the ou Wuss Wagon over and see what's underneath....

    Record: 4-1

    The land thieves had won their first four of the season, including a W against Ohio State... at the Shoe... at night; and were 30-point favorites over Iowa State last week... at home... in the Outhouse.

    Oops! ou drops from #3 to #12.

    So, will they still be reeling from losing to a team who last beat them in 1990, or will Special Snow Flake and his thugs come to play? Will Tom Herman end up 7 for 8 against Top 25 teams? Will Connor Williams wear crutches taped to his uni and start? Will Hpslugga and pop999 post selfies on Hornfans during the game?

    These are question that help make this the greatest rivalry in all of college football! Or something.

    • SSF has thrown 0 INT's and has only been sacked eight times in five games.
    • RB Trey Sermon sports 61 carries for 373 yards and 3 TD's while RB Abdul Adams posts 35 carries for 372 yards and 1 TD.
    • LB's Emmanuel Beal, O Okoronkwo, and Kenneth Murray have 36, 31, and 30 tackles respectively.


    ou is inclined to win 45 times out of every 111 games against Texas; yet they and their delusional fans act like they dominate the series.

    In Closing:

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    The RB Sermon is a beast
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    Game Plan

    The Texas Longhorns scored 21 points in the second quarter against the Kansas State Wildcats. Let that sink in, a 21 point quarter. They scored six in the rest of regulation. Was it halftime adjustments that stopped the scoring? Not so much. Texas featured a variety of short, high-percentage passes in the second quarter. These passes were absent from the majority of the game, but when utilized, they worked.

    The short passing game results in high completion percentages, and allow for the athletes to get he ball in space to make plays. This strategy worked for the Longhorns against Kansas State.

    If Texas is going to be successful going forward, they should focus on using these short, high-percentage throws in the passing game. This will especially help considering the run game is struggling. It also relieves the offensive line from protecting the passer for long periods of time and limits the hits on the quarterback.

    [More at BON]
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    OU's defense couldn't stop Baylor.

    OU's defense couldn't stop Iowa State.

    OU's defense ain't stop'n Sam.

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    Chris Nelson supposed to be back for this game
    Did not play vs KSU
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    Fayetteville Police Officer, on Baker Mayfield's prospects this Saturday:

    "You're just a dumbass who tried to run."
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    Longhorn Republic's Gerald Goodridge and Kyle Carpenter examine how Texas can come away with a win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Rivalry.

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    Texas faces a bear on offense this Saturday. On the other hand, the Texas offense has an opportunity to create big plays and finish drives against a lackluster defense. The puzzle pieces fit quite well to make this a spectacular game.

    If you’ve been watching both teams, you’re concerned. I can tell you, [the ou members of] Brainiacs are not confident. They just don’t see the polish nor the mindset in Riley’s first team.

    On the Texas side, there is confidence, not so much in the win, but in the idea that the team will be ready to fight. If Texas can Be The Bully on offense while stemming the offensive onslaught, they can win this game. It’s a matter of making [ou] uncomfortable on a constant basis and testing their resolve, to survive.

    You know Texas will be ready, good or bad. Will ‘Liddle’ Game Lincoln’s team be ready?

    [Much more at TFB]
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    Tick-Tock Goes The Countdown Clock

    In one of the hallways of the renovated facility, a large mural of the game day atmosphere at the Cotton Bowl during the Red River Showdown sits behind two helmets. One is a white Texas helmet, with the other one being a crimson Oklahoma helmet. Over the helmets sits a large countdown clock that second by second gets closer and closer to zero hour — 2:30 pm in Dallas on October 14.

    The clock’s place in the building allows it to be seen by players and coaches walking around the facility extremely often.

    “I walk by it every day,” junior running back Chris Warren said. “I look at it. I remember when it first went up. It was really cool. I thought it was nice to have a little mural thing for it to show that it’s a rivalry and it means something to us. It gets the blood pumping every time you see it with each day, each hour, each minute.”

    Sometimes, some players alter the display, knocking over the symbol for the biggest, and arguably the only, rival on the schedule.

    “Every day you walk into the facility, and there’s a Texas helmet and an OU helmet,” junior safety DeShon Elliott said. “Every day, the OU helmet is always flipped upside down. Someone always comes by and puts it right side up. I don’t know who does it, but for some reason it happens and we all just can’t wait for that game.

    [More at IT]


    My apologies. I looked hi-n-lo for a pic or vid showing this clock, but came up empty. I can't help but feel inadequate at this point in my life.

    If you need me, I'll be in the Safe Space thread.
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    You can relax there. We'll have refreshments and soothing music later.
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    And coloring books.
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    The Enemy Weighs In
    To help provide some insight on why OU sucks, Burnt Orange Nation caught up with Crimson And Cream Machine.

    BON: Texas needs this win for a variety of reasons and Oklahoma certainly doesn’t want to lose to its bitter rival one week after arguably the worst lost in school history. Who needs this win more?

    CCM: I would say that Oklahoma needs this one more, and that has a lot to do with the expectations for this particular season. Both of the new coaches inherited a good amount of talent from the previous regimes, but Lincoln Riley had a bona fide Heisman contender to work with at the quarterback position. Additionally, the nature of OU’s coaching transition created the expectation that Oklahoma wouldn’t miss a beat. At Texas, on the other hand, a completely new staff was put into place, so most people anticipated some growing pains. I know the standards are high at Texas, but I feel like the Texas fan base would be a bit less irate over a loss considering the circumstances. After what happened last weekend, Oklahoma fans will come unhinged if the Sooners don’t come out on top.

    BON: Injuries played a role, but what weaknesses did Iowa State exploit that Texas can look to take advantage of on Saturday?

    CCM: Well, Oklahoma was supposed to start utilizing a 4-3 this season. Instead, OU’s been going with the old 3-4 on pretty much every defensive snap. It’s actually worked fairly well against the run this season, but it left them vulnerable against the spread attacks of Baylor and Iowa State. Iowa State used a lot of motion to get their playmakers out in space, forcing Oklahoma’s linebackers and DBs to make open-field tackles. Of course, they didn’t make said tackles, which led to a lot of big gains on screens.

    BON: Knowing the weaknesses Oklahoma has, what positional or player matchups are you worried about Texas having its way with?

    CCM: I’m always going to be worried about Jordan Thomas at cornerback. His potential is sky-high, but the guy just hasn’t been reliable whatsoever since the beginning of last season. When he sticks with his receiver, the guy can do some great things. However, he takes way too many risks, and Big 12 offenses have been taking advantage of that. Both of these scenarios were on full display in last season’s matchup, as you may recall.

    BON: OU leads the Big 12 in yards per play (8.89) and ranks No. 2 in points per drive (3.33). That potent offense will see a Texas defense that leads the Big 12 in yards per play allowed (5.16) and points per drive allowed (1.46). Do the Sooners force Texas to keep up or will the 'Horns defense have its way and hold yet another offense well below its season average?

    CCM: Texas’ defense could have some success if Mayfield keeps trying to make the big play too often. I do think OU will be able to find success in the run game, which I think will keep Mayfield from trying to do too much. Will OU be held below its season averages? Probably by a little, but that’s not exactly a death sentence.

    BON: The ‘Horns and Sooners have exchanged wins during each of the last four meetings. Who comes out on top this weekend?

    CCM: Despite its obvious flaws (whether it pertains to personnel or coaching), one of Oklahoma’s biggest problems on defense over the past few weeks has been it’s lack of fire and intensity. I think they come out a bit more motivated, make some big plays and potentially have a solid performance (relatively speaking). I predict OU wins by a score of 38-28, with OU pulling away in the fourth quarter.

    [More at BON]



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