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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by longhornswf15, Jul 20, 2008.

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    My son is getting to the age where he loves to play with Legos. I, however, hate the new legos they have out with all the space crap. So I'm looking for some of the older lego sets and stuff. If you have some you want to get rid of let me know.
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    you can still buy the old block sets at the store. try looking in toys r us ro another big toy store. They're there.
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    amazon has/had a lot of lego sets around xmas last year.
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    there is more than just "space crap" available. My son loves the Indiana Jones Lego sets. He also is getting into the Batman legos. We have the Lego video games for the Wii which are fantastic.

    Shouldn't you let your kid decide if he/she likes certain lego sets?
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    My kid has a small mountian of Legos from all the kits, he only builds the kit once, then builds giant goofy looking creations straight out of his imagination. Or he builds little towns for his Hot Wheels, then has Pokemon fights and destroys the cities.
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    Lego.com has about everything you could want. You can even customize an order brick by brick.

    This might be good.
    Basic Kit
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    I agree with the OP, all of these specialized sets just do not feel like legos. I buy my sons the "constructor" sets. They typically have instructions to assemble 3 different things with the sets pieces. For the most part, they are the basic blocks (but some are pretty specialized).

    Hook 'Em!
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    Once you get a good supply, go to brickshelf.com and users submit pictures of their creations. My son (9) can build some really incredible stuff, using both regular legos and stuff from sets.
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    I agree. There is nothing like the old Lego sets. I used to spend days building lego cities. Now... they just sell silly themed Legos that don't have the same staying power.
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    Dad's don't buy legos for their kids. Dad's buy legos for themselves, under the guise that they are for their kids. Therefore, the original poster is just looking for the kind of legos he wants. The child's preference is of minor consequence.
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    all there really is in the stores around me are the bionicle legos and the lego castle ones with lots of skeletons. those aren't good ones. thats why i want some of the older sets.
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    Where are you located?
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    wichita falls
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    I miss the old lincoln logs.

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