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    This has been a source of many long conversations between my wife and I. Unfortunately we are on separate sides of the fence. I'd love to get other opinions...

    Our 13 yo daughter and her friends have decided that they want to go see a concert next July. They also want to to purchase floor seats. Floor seats are about $500 - $600 per ticket.

    Our dilemma is not so much is she too young to go to the concert; in fact one of us would go along with them. Our disagreement is about whether or not we should let her spend $600 on a concert ticket.

    The concert is 11 months away and they have been doing things to earn small amounts of money all summer. So far she has saved about 25% of the cost.

    One side of the disagreement believes that if she sets a goal and earns/saves the money than we should allow her to use the money for the concert. This would be good life lesson.

    The other side believes that this is a crazy amount of money to spend on a concert ticket. This amount of money could be used for something more worth while, like savings for a future car. And by allowing her to spend this amount of money on a ticket, we've failed as parents at helping our daughter see the value of money.

    What are you thoughts? .

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