looks like Ida will be.............

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by LousianaHorn, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    a bad one.........up to 145 mph..............Morgan City, NO and BR right in crosshairs.
  2. Horn6721

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    I have a friend who is an EMT in LaFourche parish. They are west of NO and will get slammed.
    Is on duty from yesterday until Tuesday. Expect it to be worse for them than Katrina.
  3. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Maybe

    Are you in the clear on this one @LousianaHorn?
    I hope everyone will be ok and the damage is minimal
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  4. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    Im in Shreveport so I doubt we get much other than a little wind...........SE La is under the crosshairs.
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  5. mb227

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    At least current track would keep you on the clean side...and the way this storm is looking, you have to allow the glass to be half full where you can find it...
  6. BevoJoe

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  7. BevoJoe

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    We have a small hurricane, Nora, moving toward southern Arizona from Baha. Should be here in Tucson tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. We'll just get rain by the time it hits here.

    "The U.S. National Hurricane Center's forecast track showed Nora skirting close to the bay sheltering Puerto Vallarta during the night, then hugging the coast while heading toward the narrow Gulf of California, possibly passing very close to the Los Cabos resorts at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula Monday. The track also passes close to the mainland resort of Mazatlan.

    "Nora was expected to start weakening at midweek while moving north toward the Arizona border region."

    LINK To Full Story"
    Hurricane Nora Skirts Mexico's Coast As It Heads North
  8. mb227

    mb227 5,000+ Posts

    I found the following interesting for one main reason...
    Much was made of Entergy not being on the ERCOT grid in East Texas and that was why East Texas was not as hard hit during the freeze as others. Seems they do have their own set of historical issues though...not that it is a surprise to anyone that had service with Gulf States Utilities back in the day...

    Pumps in NOLA were going to be a concern as soon as Ida turned into a rain event dropping more than an inch per hour. It does not take long to overwhelm a system with even a few inches per hour, as we routinely see in Houston.
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  9. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    Saw where the Police Chief in Grand Isle rode it out.............they have a bunker built to withstand 200 Mph winds and bullet proof glass.............he got some big nards I guess.
  10. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    "I've never seen water like this in my life," Jean Lafitte mayor says

    From CNN’s Paul Murphy and Keith Allen

    The Louisiana town of Jean Lafitte has been "totally devastated" by Hurricane Ida, with rescuers unable to reach hundreds of stranded residents after a vehicle wiped out a bridge, Mayor Tim Kerner Jr. told CNN.

    “We have a bunch of people trapped that we can’t get to, one being the wind, we can’t put boats in the water, it’s just too rough, it would be life-threatening for the person operating the boat at this time. We tried to do high water trucks, we can’t get through the water,” Kerner said.
    Kerner said the majority of the community of 1,500 people, on Bayou Barataria in Jefferson Parish, about 30 miles south of New Orleans, had been evacuated. But "we have about 300 people, 200 people still there," he added.

    "We’ve suffered flooding before. We suffered storms before. But I’ve never seen water like this in my life. It just hit us in the worst way possible and it was such a massive storm that it just totally devastated us,” Kerner said.
  11. BevoJoe

    BevoJoe 10,000+ Posts

    More than 1 million customers are without power in Louisiana

    From CNN's Joe Sutton

    More than 1 million customers in Louisiana are without power, according to monitoring site PowerOutage.US.

    As of 12:47 a.m. ET, power outages had hit 1,006,861 customers in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

    In neighboring Mississippi, 48,515 customers are without power.
  12. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    Port Fourchon, a good chunk of the oil/gas industry offshore operations in LA are based here...........make sure you have the sound on.............the power of mother nature is AWESOME!

  13. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    I see where Port Fourchon reported a gust of 172 mph during landfall............:yikes::whiteflag:............sustained at 149 mph
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  14. Horn6721

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    My EMT friend in Lafourche parish texted me that for them it was 10 times worse than Katrina. All hospitals all around were already full of COVID patients. Saw part of a roof of a hospital ripped right off. Today will be a busy day for them.
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  15. LousianaHorn

    LousianaHorn Kabong

    I-10 near LaPlace............


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