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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by dlatin, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. dlatin

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    for sale on the SWAP board...not good for a packed raucous crowd come Thursday.

    For those of us going to the game, remember what BIS once said,

  2. KingBobo81

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    The market seems to be pretty strong. I ultimately sold mine on craigslist because it took a little while to get a bite here, but I had lots of Longhorn fans wanting tickets. This isn't like a Baylor-type game where you probably have to give away the tickets.

    I imagine it is because the game is back on Thanksgiving - you are going to have a lot of conflicts. I have one of the Four Christmas type families, so moving the game back to TH means I am missing my first home game against the Ags since becoming a Longhorn.
  3. dlatin

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    It is definitely the Thanksgiving angle, and I honestly can't blame a lot of people for it. For some Thanksgiving is a very big family deal. I love Thanksgiving so I have mixed emotions, which will be overcome the moment I get in the car to drive to Austin.

    I'm just hoping we have a good turnout with a similar atmosphere we had for Mizzou. For a lot of games there were a lot of empty seats so I wonder how this game will play out.

    If this game stays on Thanksgiving, eventually it will work its way into annual plans, but I think this first game in so long may impact attendance, which sucks.
  4. Texanne

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    I thank God that He put me in a family that embraced this football game.
  5. Oilfield

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    Ditto what Texanne says. Gotta thank God for Mrs. Oilfield!
  6. Wesser

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    My wife does not care about the game, but she embraces it as it allows her to avoid my family for T-Day. We all win.
  7. nashhorn

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    I tried thrice to buy tickets on HF only to find I was beaten to the punch. Each time I thought I was first to respond was watching the board that closely. So I finally bit the bullet and bought on Stubhub - too high on ticket city.
    Am happy, have family coming in and the 4 of us are excited to go. Gonna do the traditional Friday.
    Love Family, Thanksgiving, and the Horns - Hookem
  8. RomaVicta

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    I wish they'd left the game on Friday. I moved Thanksgiving dinner to Friday and it already feels weird.
  9. Horn69

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    Very fortunate that family can be flexible and work schedules around this...even though Mrs. 69 is a Sooner and says she's bringing a "65-21" sign. [​IMG]

    And it's only on alternating years for home game for us.


    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  10. jamaebarrow

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    There are a lot of students trying to sell their tickets because they cannot show up for the game. The Thanksgiving Day game is very hard for students who would like to spend Thanksgiving Day with their families. Most UT students live in Houston or Dallas, so for them to make it to the game on time requires leaving their home at 3:00 that day. And most people don't have their Thanksgiving meal until around that time.
    I don't think the administration at UT truly understands this, but they will once they see the ridiculously low student turnout.
  11. ShatyUT

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    Thanksgiving is big with both my family and Mrs. Shaty but we established a long time ago during college that UT Football is very important to us both. They weren't too happy at first but have gotten over it and we continue to have plenty of family opportunities so it works for us.

    Section 116 REPRESENT!!! I hope to find one of those 20k signs that should be handed out. I may try to bring my own as well.

    Stomp a mudhole in those classless jackasses!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. yourlordarileus

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    I missed all four aggy games while I was a student. I went to college station last year, and i am not missing this year. I need an aggy beatdown or else [​IMG]
  13. TheGallopinGoose

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    I only want two things as it relates to this topic:

    1. We have a packed house on Thanksgiving night.
    2. None of those tickets being put up for sale find their way into the hands of Aggies.
  14. YeaTexasFight

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    I think the student section will be ridiculously empty (it was usually pretty light anyway when it was on Friday). There are a TON of student tickets for sale on craigslist.
  15. majorwhiteapples

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    When I was a student, it was known by all my Aggie friend and Longhorn friends family that we were going to the game, whether it was in College Station or Austin. Everybody was fueled up and we convoyed it to whatever city it was and stayed at the others place
  16. danthehorn

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  17. afat

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    I'd be there if the game was on Friday...but I just can't make it on Thursday.
  18. Ignatius

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  19. UTEE

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    The game has been played on Thanksgiving more often than it has not. I was a student, the game was on Thanksgiving, and I went to the game.

    Additionally, although many employers give the Friday after Thanksgiving as time off, it is not actually a holiday, and there a many folks who have to work that day. Those people are all now able to attend the game, when they have not been able to in the past.

    Anyway, the stadium will be packed, and I do indeed feel sorry for those students who feel they cannot postpone their Thanksgiving celebrations by a day in order to enjoy the Texas-Texas A&M tradition of playing on Thanksgiving Day. But, that's when the game is supposed to be played, and will continue to be played, so if it's a game that the students truly care to see, then this weekend is the time to begin planting seeds with family regarding future Thanksgiving day plans.

    Hook 'em! [​IMG]

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