Louisville Places Three in First Round

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by dukesteer, May 9, 2014.

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    I see this as being significant, particularly as it relates to CS's ability to recruit here. If I am the parent of a defensive talent coming out of high school, such a track record would get my attention. Maybe a few more kids will now give us a second look.

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    I sure hope it does. It should also help that Bridgewater (under Watson) went in the first round.
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    I agree; this is non-trivial.
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    Mack is a great coach but I think Strong will end up being a better recruiter. A coach's recruiting ability should be judged by how many players get drafted in the NFL - not how many 4-5 star high school players he gets. We always get a lot of top talent out of high school but few NFL draft picks. The coaching staff wasn't appropriately scouting/judging the talent. Colt was supposed to be a 4 year backup to Perriloux if you all recall (and we see how that guy turned out).

    It says something when the past three Heisman trophies winners all claim they had serious desires to go to Texas but didn't get attention from the staff.
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    As I stated on another thread, Strong can say he's the only coach in America who recruited & coached 3 1st draft picks in the 2014 NFL draft. [​IMG]
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    This shows Strong can develop and recruit. [​IMG]
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    Impressive, especially from that conference.
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    an sbnation site shows this...
    ( The Link

    First round picks, by college:
    3, Louisville, Coach Strong -- now at Texas
    3, A&M, Coach Sumlin
    2, Alabama, Coach Saban
    2, Auburn, Coach Malzahn
    2, Ohio State, Coach Meyer
    rest.. 1 each

    First, Second, Third... combined
    5, LSU, Coach Miles
    5, Notre Dame, Coach Kelly
    4, Florida State, Coach Fisher
    4, Louisville, Coach Strong
    3 each.. Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M
    rest... 2...

    Far as ability to recruit and/or develop... Charlie Strong is right there.

    Man, where on earth is the rest of the Big 12 !!
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