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    Appreciate the info!
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    Unfortunately, LSU quit/ran out of gas mid-point in the 4th quarter against what passed as a spread offense in the $EC. Yes in the closing minutes and the overtime the officials helped aggy, but LSU should have never been in a position to lose that game. Texas' offense is ahead of aggy's. Unlike defending a $EC "spread" offense where LB's and fat DL's continue to be the focal point, to defend Texas you will need 6 CB's and at least 4 safeties because of the speed and size of the Texas receivers. Try to rush the LB's and number 11 will run right past them.

    As far as LSU and aggy in 2019, most on this board will be pulling for LSU, but by 30 November Orgeron's fate will be sealed one way or the other. With a very weak overall schedule, losses to Texas and Alabama can be overlooked, but losses to Mississippi State, Auburn or Florida will see the movers showing up on 01 December no matter what happens in the aggy game.
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    True but most if not all LSU fans think we will finish 11-1. I do think we will give Alabama all they want this year. LSU always plays them better in Tuscaloosa for some reason. If we happen to lose to Texas it won’t really hurt that much due to it being non-conference, but neither team will be over-looking this game. The speed on this defense is very good especially along the front 7. If you can run on us I’ll be very impressed.
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    Oh and I never trust a university where it is accepted to have male dominated cheerleaders. Yeah I’m talking about you faggies.
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    I mostly agree. Just a few differing thoughts:

    Danny Young--an otherwise good short yardage power back, but he fumbles a lot.

    Whittington--showed very well in the Spring game and may be used often in a Wildcat or other 'abnormal' formations. Can throw passes too, and Herman likes to run trick plays. Should be a quality and explosive #2 RB early on, with the potential to develop into a superstar.
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    I hope our run game improves. We need it. Ehlinger will be unstoppable if there is a 50/50 balance.
    I like our OLine too. That plus J Whittington should make the run game better. Should not guaranteed.
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    So tell me about Ehlinger. What is he good at? What does he need to improve?
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    Last year he was definitely better than Tebow in all phases, and without all drama!
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    I think he is one the best leaders in College Football. He will go very far in life. Likely he leads Texas to a Championship in 2020. We are probably a yr away in 19’.
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    Texas offensive line might be the most physical you face all year. These guys are pretty ruthless. They aren't as talented as Bama, but they mauled Georgia. We picked up a Grad transfer named Parker Braun, he was all conference in the ACC at Georgia Tech. He will be a huge asset next year. The advantage Texas has on your defense is that.

    1. you are going to have to spy Sam Ehlinger every time Texas drops back to pass. That is going to open things up for our inside guys.

    2. No matter how good your DBs are, it's really really hard to cover receivers that are great athletes and 6'6. Texas has 2 of them. Texas also has some really really fast guys that will stretch your defense and keep your safeties honest.

    3. Texas does a good job of keeping DCs guessing. Don't be surprised if our leading receiver is one of our RBs, they are all good receivers and excellent in space. Ingram and Whittington are the two you will see most.

    4. Most important, Sam Ehlinger is a winner, he steps up big in big games and he knows how to carry a team.

    What gives me the most confidence is that you are going to be in Game 2 of installing this offense. The Texas front 7 will feast on your big giant offensive linemen. DC Todd Orlando knows how to really take advantage of speed mismatches and he is great at calling run blitzes that will get our best tacklers on your runningbacks. The Georgia game was a masterpiece.

    Ingram is the starter, he averaged about 6 yards a carry last year in limited time. He is could have a breakout year. His primary backup if Jordan Whittington. He was actually recruited as a WR. He is freakishly fast and huge for a freshmen. he was a spring enrollee who came into spring ball weighing 217 lbs. He older brother is a physical trainer/body builder and Jordan is the better athlete. Don't be surprised to see Jordan coming into this game weighing 225.

    Both are good runningbacks, but both are actually better as receivers. Don't be surprised to see them catching a ton of balls. Texas killed Georgia by keeping their TE and Runningback blocking on pass plays and them releasing them late for easy catch and runs. Whittington matched up ona linebacker is a complete mismatch in Texas favor. He honestly reminds me of Reggie Bush.
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    As mentioned above, Ehlinger is a QB in the mold of Tim Tiebow as a runner, he is fairly elusive and will lower his head and run over a DB, just ask Georgia. He is however light years better passer than Tiebow ever was. he weighs about 230+ lbs. He is smart and takes excellent care of the ball. I think he only had 4 ints the whole season. He has evolved over the last two years into the leader of this team. No one questions him.
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    I think Whittington and Ingram are more similar than different. Both are heavier than last year; physically, I trust Whittington more to carry the weight without losing electricity. He’s a freshman, but they played him A LOT in the spring game. It’s almost like he’s already played a college game.
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    Ehlinger has kind of a Tony Romo vibe about him. Each play is played out on script at first, but if it’s not working, he uses athletic talent to work out some plan B. A little of the downside of Romo, too. He’s actually is about as good a runner as Tebow—90% of the power and 125% of the elusiveness—but a legitimately good college passer. His attitude is Walt Garrison, if you go back that far.
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    Ok I get liking your qb. I saw Tebow play in college. I’ve never seen another qb run like him and I probably never will. Now passing is another story. Everyone knew Tebows mechanics sucked. Was never a good passer, but a hell of a leader hence one of the reasons he won a Heisman.

    In regards to your Oline, LSU will play up to the competition. The nose tackles are run stuffers with lots of beef. It’s will help free up Lawrence who’s a legit NFL talent. That will be a matchup that will be fun to watch. Now with the size and speed at linebacker, Ehlinger and the RB’s will have a rough time getting yards on the edge. Forget about running around Chaisson. You’ll have to do it on the other side. That will be a cat and mouse game with how the RB’s chip block and sneak out in the flat. Aranda will have them prepared. Hopefully they remain disciplined.

    I hear about Texas’ size at WR. If you look at LSU’s roster the WR’s have lot of height as well.
    McMath is 6’3
    Dee Anderson 6’6
    Terrance Marshall 6’4
    Justin Jefferson 6’2
    Jamarr Chase 6’1

    The three with the most talent and upside is Marshall, Chase, and Jefferson. You’ll see all 3 on Sunday’s. Anderson has some nice games last year as well. I look forward to our DB’s against your talented wideouts.
    JaCoby Stevens 6’2
    Delpit 6’3 (legit top 10 pick)
    Fulton 6’0 (projected first round)
    Stingley 6’1
    Monroe 6’1

    Fulton and Stingley are lockdown corners. Whoever’s paired with them will have tough times. Now if your other WR’s can attack the safeties then LSU may have problems. Delpit is a beast.
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    After reading LSUson’s posts, all I can say is.....
    Thanks for the warning. I won’t even watch. In fact, I’m leaving the country that weekend.
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    Lockdown DB's in the $EC are average DB's in the Big XII. It looks like you are going to run out of DB's by halftime. Speed kills; speed and height ruins DB's quickly.
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    Ok that’s just a dumb statement. If you look at all the dbs’s in the NFL from the SEC it’s more than most conferences combined.

    At LSU, four defensive backs taken inside the top six picks of the draft since 2007

    - Since 2010, 14 defensive backs drafted

    - 15 All-American selections since 2000

    - At least one cornerback or safety drafted in eight of the last nine drafts

    I enjoy good banter. I think Texas is a quality program and in the right direction. One of my buddies played baseball for the horns. He and I have been talking smack. All good fun.

    How is Texas special teams as a whole?
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    This one is on the bag. Early in the season I totally expect the young Texas CB's to shut down the LSU passing game just like they did last year against Maryland and Tulsa. After all LSU is only 3/5 of Tulsa.
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    LOL! You have drunk too much $EC Kool-Aid. You do realize that Texas has two world-class sprinters as outside receivers (and yes they have demonstrated that they can catch the ball). Your DB's have no idea what they are going to experience. Nothing against them, they could be the class of the $EC, but they just have not experienced Big XII offenses.
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    Man with that logic I don’t know why LSU should even show up. I guess Vegas is delusional to
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    Absolutely. Vegas is ALWAYS right. Especially when it comes to picking the mighty SEC-SEC-SEC! - against ANY team from the inferior conferences.
    Vegas spread for Georgia Bulldogs vs Texas Longhorns
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    I agree with you. I’m not touting SEC SEC. I’m touting LSU. Every season is new.
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    The two teams actually share many similarities.

    Some differences that may matter:

    1. LSU is breaking in a new style of offense. Expect some frustration in their 2nd game in their new O. Also, UT routinely faces pass-happy spread type offenses.
    2. LSU's linebacking core is better overall. They have no noticeable weaknesses defensively.
    3. UT's OL is better overall.
    4. Sam is a unique power-running dual threat QB unlike QBs they've faced before.
    5. UT has the home field advantage.

    Should be a good game. Objectively, I think we win by a small margin. Subjectively, I hope we stomp them after that bush-league b.s. Fat Ed and his crew orchestrated to torpedo our football camps in Louisiana. Generally, I like these guys (LSU), but Fat Ed needs a Texas beatdown this year for meddling with our camps.
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    Agree on your post except one thing. You can’t blame Coach O for the camps. If LSU tried doing camps in Dallas or Houston what would happen??? Think you know the answer already
  25. Chop

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    UT would not scuttle other camps. That sort of bush league crap Is not how we operate. I don't know if LSU does any camps in Houston or the Golden Triangle, but they could if they wanted to. We'll run our own camps. You do whatever you want to. It's a free country. We usually (though obviously not always) win in fair recruiting battles in this state.

    Our new coaching regime likes to go out of state more than Mack Brown and most other previous regimes. I don't expect this to change. Louisiana, Arizona, California, and Florida are our most fertile out of state areas in recent years.
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    I doubt Herman and Fisher would be ok. Look at Michigan. They tried to have satellite camps in Florida and that was shot down. Harbaugh whined about it.

    So with losing a lot at LB do you think Orlando is going to go more dime package due to depth at safety?
  27. SabreHorn

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    I'm not sure why O doesn't do camps in Houston, since it is one of your largest, if not your largest alumni chapters. Jefferson County no longer has the quantity of talent to warrant a camp. Having one at Thorne or The Rig or Butler would garner a lot of interest.

    I would think that having one jointly with Rice would be a win/win, because Rice would get a look at a lot of kids they might not otherwise get on campus.
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    I hadn't thought about it much, but that would make sense. Our best returning DBs are Brandon Jones, Caden Sterns, and BJ Foster, all safeties. While a 3-4-4 or 4-3-4 with one of them at CB could work too, I wouldn't be surprised if we start all 3 of them (not sure who would be the "nickle" instead of safety, but my guess would be Foster) along with maybe Anthony Cook and Kobe Boyce as actual CBs.
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  29. Chop

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    What Statalyzer said above.

    Also, BJ Foster, and Overshown, are very large, strong, hard hitting secondary players. Foster is a very hard hitting headhunter type who can play a hybrid safety-outside LB type of position. He's our version of Jack Tatum, and I don't mean that in a negative or dirty way. It's just that his lurking presence in our defensive backfield can sometimes get in the heads of opposing receivers. And sometimes he'll get booted for targeting.

    We run some packages where, despite what they may be listed as in the program, some of our safeties are actually playing more of that hybrid safety/LB type of role.

    I suspect that if LSU's newly installed offense is sputtering, they may revert back to their more traditional power grind-it-out approach. We usually do very well against teams that try to overpower us.
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    The big thing is that LSU doesn't have talent, they have amazing talent, but they aren't used to playing against a complex passing game like Texas has. The Texas offense this year will be on the same level as the blOwU offense was last year, the difference is we also have a defense. Texas will score a lot of points but we can also shut people down. You have one advantage over Georgia in that you saw what we did to them and can be a little prepared for it when it comes.

    Texas has has as much talent as LSu does, in some cases we have more, however we have way way better coaches. I think Texas wins this going away.

    Then you are going to see guys like Finebaum talk about how overrated you guys are, and that won't be true either, it's just Texas is underrated. Once your offense gets about 6 games under them, they will be hell to stop with your athletes, but Texas is good and catching you early in the season.

    BTW I will be pulling for you to crush aggsy. I want you to demoralize them.
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