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  1. Chop

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    Don't get me wrong, other than Fat Ed's recent B.S. with our camps in Louisiana, I generally like LSU (when they're not playing us), and they're obviously very very good, but this UT squad happens to match up with them about as well as any team would.
  2. VYFan

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    I think our defense may disappoint you with such high expectations. Also, unless one of those two freshmen is an instant sensation, we won’t be last year’s OU on offense. But we can win a lot of games if we are 90% as good as you hope!
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  3. Badass

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    Texas will win because Freshman Jake Smith will have the same impact that Rondale Moore had for Purdue. His speed will be a game changer. And LSU has no film on him in a Texas offense. #Speed
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  4. SabreHorn

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    My concern is that their DC is better than ours, longtime friend of Herman's so he knows what to expect. He will arrive in Travis County with a quality scheme. Can/will Sam recognize his disguises of the coverage? Are our WRs coached well enough to recognize the coverage and adjust?
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  5. Pomspoms

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    I doubt if Herman gives JS that much rope but I like your enthusiasm!
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  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I think I agree on this point. I'm not completely sold on Orlando's ability to replace most of the defense and coach them up to "Elite" level as they say. I'm hopeful, but I'll predict the D costs us two or more winnable games this year.
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  7. nashhorn

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    And I fear we will miss LJ more than we’re thinking because we forget just how much he bailed Sam and the boys out. I’m expecting great things from Collin, one of my favs but LJ provided the difference in more games than just the RRS, and he definitely was the indispensable factor in that victory.
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  8. LSUson

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    While I do agree Texas has a lot of talent, I don’t think your defense has anywhere near the talent LSU’s D has. That isn’t a slight to your team. I believe this is the best defense we’ve had since 2011. Now I think your offense is better then ours. Hopefully the new offensive scheme under Brady is a positive.
  9. Austin_Bill

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    It only has to have enough to stop your offense. We have better safeties and equal corners.

    We don’t have equal linebackers but our Dline talent is pretty deep..

    It would be one thing if our defense had to stop your defense, but your offense isn’t on the level of your defense.
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  10. LSUson

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    As a whole LSU’s defensive backfield is better than Texas IMO. Even with losing Greedy i still think LSU has better corners. It doesn’t matter though. It will be a good game
  11. EDT

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    This game should be Epic! Then a classic. Can't wait for 9/7 Texas will be 2-0:hookem:
  12. Pomspoms

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    Perhaps LSPuhs defense is slightly better due to their linebacking corps but I like our defense enough to get the job done. Guess it will come down to play calling and turnovers. Our offense will be tough to manage with it's speed and tall receivers and Sam is a veteran who protects the ball. Our o-line is stout and with backups. I think the defenses is a wash and we win because our offense is better.
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  13. gahornphan

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    To summarize your posts, there’s not one phase of the game that LSU is not superior to Texas in. Not one. But it will be “a good game.”
    We got your message. We’re DOOMED!
    Now it’s time to for you to move on to the boards of the other teams on LSU’s schedule to prepare them for their utter destruction at the hands of a far superior foe.
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  14. ViperHorn

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    Texas should be able to execute their passing gameplan like how they moved against ou in the first game especially. However, the key to the game will be how long the LSU LB's and CB's can keep up with the Texas receivers in the short/medium patterns and limit RAC. Texas downfield receivers will have run the LSU DB's into the ground by the 4th quarter.

    The Texas D and LSU O are about equal talent-wise except at the QB position. The third quarter will decide the game.
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  15. easy

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  16. Horn2RunAgain

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    If this is the best defense you've had since 2011 then it will be the best defense we've seen in quite some time. I've always been impressed with the raw talent LSU has had, and when they hired Aranda (Herman offered him the DC job here) I expected them to take a huge step forward and still do.

    If we lose I wont consider it to be a catastrophe. LSU is always stocked with talent, but their HCs held them back imho. What we have going for us is LSU trying to adapt to a new offensive scheme. Maybe you guys won't be firing on all cylinders early on.

    Should be interesting to watch what fat Ed does if the new attack doesn't immediately take off. My guess is he'll go back to the ground and pound.
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  17. LSUson

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    Apparently you missed the part that I thought Texas’ offense was better than LSU’s.
  18. Pomspoms

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    Normally I don't let others misfortunes make me smile but if that is Ed O. Then I'm smilin.:lmao:
  19. Chinstrap

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    Let’s just take the “L” and save our energy for the next game.
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  20. easy

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  21. I_Dont_Exist

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    What would you have him say? That despite having a new coach introducing a lot of new wrinkles they're still going to have the same predictable and unimaginative offense?
  22. LSUson

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    We shall see what they show for Georgia Southern. I’m sure they will run the new offense, but they will show very little in that game. But I seriously doubt this offense will be predictable this year like in years past.
  23. I_Dont_Exist

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    My post was in defense of Burrow's comments. There's no reason he shouldn't be confident about the upcoming season. Last year was last year. A fact lost on so many.
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  24. El Sapo

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    It doesn't matter what Joe Burrow says. Mack told us we were about to be 'really good again" in 2013 and I'm sure he believed that too. Orgeron has already tried this with Matt Canada. The 'whiz kid' Joe Brady they've brought in on offense will still be sandwiched by Orgeron and Ensminger both of whom are old school and conservative. Ensminger will 100% call the shots and my guess is they'll run their new offense right up until they get into some kind of trouble... and then you'll see LSU go right back to their old ways.
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  25. mchammer

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    I predict 2 LSU INT’s in first half.
  26. LSUson

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    Burrow threw 5 ints last year as a new starter, but you think he will throw 40% of last years totals in one game??
  27. LongestHorn

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    I do, Paul.
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  28. WorsterMan

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    Mr. Finebomb says and predicts a lot of things incorrectly.
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  29. ViperHorn

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    The more the national media pushes the $EC, the deeper hole they dig for themselves as the season plays out. The problem is the idiots who run the rankings believe every word ESPN says.
  30. AC

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    Well if LSU is over hyped and ranked above us then our "upset" victory will be all the more respected and sweeter. I see a W on 9/07/19. Can't wait!
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