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    son, much respect for the way you've handled yourself on Hornfans. Little bit of chirping going on, but as you said, in good natured humor. Seen enough LSU defensive efforts to know that Texas needs to hold on to the football and have sustained drives eating up clock to stay in this ball game. Too many 3 and outs or scores on turnovers could be the difference IMHO....glad this game is in Austin...… good luck in your other games this year, rooting for a "get even win" for y'all against TAMU......
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    Agree with your sober view of the game Zucker. Thinking we can win and hoping that we do but expecting a difficult victory. We have too many anticipated stars from last year that imho had some weak moments we tend to forget and those teammates we lost contributed more than we seem to give them credit now.
    Hookem baby!
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  3. Badass

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    LSU fans getting their panties in a wad over Horns Down penalty ... :lmao::hookem:
    Original Poster got it wrong in his thread title -- he then quotes in his post that its only a penalty if directed at (i.e. taunting) another player. I guess reading comprehension is optional when getting a LSU degree

    Horns down gesture will now be a penalty
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    Gee, you're right. I thought last year was this year. :rolleyes1:
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    If you can't do better than this stay on the porch were you belong.
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    Gosh, I don't know if anybody should take you seriously when you don't know the difference between "where" and "were". ;)

    (You once pointed out the same type of mistake in a post of mine)
  7. I_Dont_Exist

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    You're 100% correct. Good catch. Also remember you claiming your mistake wasn't that big a deal. It's all relative.
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    I'll let you have the porch where you can lie there and scratch yourself silly. Just stay out of the house, fleabag.
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    Come on man - it is the $EC your talking about.
  10. I_Dont_Exist

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    Quit while you're behind.
  11. Austin_Bill

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    The problem is that when you are installing a new offense, you are trying to get the offensive line, Wrs, Backs and QB all on the same page. That isn't going to happen in week 2 of the season. You will have maybe 30% of the offense installed when you play Texas.

    Texas is used to playing high powered passing attacks, there is nothing that LSU can do that we haven't seen from Okie Lite, blOwU, Tech, and every other offense in the Big 12. This is why we feel so strongly that we are going to cause your offense a lot of problems. If this game was being played in November, I'd be a lot more worried because timing will be on, and everyone in your offense will know what to do.

    I absolutely believe he will, not because he is a bad QB, or doesn't know what he is doing, but because he will likely make throws to WRs that aren't in the right position, or he is going to make bad reads because we are putting major heat on him. Our safeties are all NFL level. They erase a lot of mistakes the corners make. Our corners don't make a lot of mistakes.

    As for your Dbs being better than ours. Texas has 4 5'star Dbs in our backfield. I don't put a lot of stock in the star thing, but they are all pretty darn amazing. Our defensive backs might be the best unit Texas has ever had, and that includes 2004 which had 2 Thorpe winners, and 1983 which had 3 all Americans. Oh, and 2004 had 8 guys that ended up playing in the NFL.
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  12. LSUson

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    I hear what your saying. Burrow and the receivers have been going against those db’s all summer. Orgeron was just quoted at media days stating “ This may be one of the best secondaries I’ve ever been around”. I believe that too. I’m not worried about the int’s. More than 30% of the offense will be installed in the playbook come September. My concern is with our offensive tackles giving Burrow enough time to find open receivers down field. I think RPO’s will help Burrow a lot. He is a very smart and tough quarterback. In the first game last year against Miami he noticed a safety cheating up and called an audible from a pass to run to the opposite side between the tackles. The run went for 60+ yards and a touchdown. While Esminger is calling plays, the word on the street is Brady will have plays ready for Esminger to choose from hence why he was brought in. I’m excited and ready for this game. I think it will be a great game.
  13. Austin_Bill

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    Keeping the offensive line confused is the calling card of the Texas defense. They love to stack the line and change up where pressure is coming from. Honestly, it's like trying to block against the bears 46 defense. You might guess right with an audible, but it's a crap shoot. This is a big reason why we are so much more effective against a drop back passer versus a athletic QB. Drop back passers can't get away from our pressure. Fromm had the worst game of the season against Texas because of the pressure Texas applied.
  14. mchammer

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    Hence the 2 INT’s by halftime.
  15. LSUson

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    Man I just don’t see it and stop with comparing any defense to the bears. Even Saban’s top defenses couldn’t hold a candle to that D. Burrow isn’t just a drop back passer. He can improvise and isn’t scared to take off if nothings there. He almost had 400 yards rushing last year. Now our backup Brennan is a pure pocket qb.
  16. ViperHorn

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    Are you referring to the Alabama defense that LSU scored ZERO points on?
  17. LSUson

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    That’s not an impressive feat with that crap offense we had. Last year was surprised. We had multiple chances to score. Even missed a gimme field goal, but the best defense they’ve had was probably in 2012 or 2013. Can’t remember
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    So when it was said we had last year’s OU offense (48+ pts/ game), I was saying, hmmm, but now we also have the defense of the ‘85 Bears—-well I just added a bit of tequila to my koolaid and it all seemed very right, and it feels very good.
  19. Austin_Bill

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    People come on, reading comprehension please. No one is comparing the Texas defense to the 85 bears. I was talking about defensive allignment. We stack the line just like the Bears used to do back in 85, the purpose is to confuse the offensive line so they don't know where the pressure is going to come from.

    How in the world did you guys think I was comparing our defensive talent to the 85 bears?

    It is possible to run a defense similar to the 46 defense without having the talent of the 85 bears.
  20. Statalyzer

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    You know, for all the heck we're giving the LSU fans about overconfidence, we seem to be demonstrating even more of that here.

    Gotta agree here for the most part. I'm not quite sure I'd rank this group ahead of 2005 with Michael Huff + Michael Griffin + Cedric Griffin + Terrell Brown + Aaron Ross (seriously - the 2006 Thorpe Award Winner wasn't starting because the other guys were that good), but Brandon Jones, Caden Sterns, and BJ Foster are as good of a 1-2-3 punch as anybody in the nation.

    I'd be willing to give the Tigers the edge in the LBs (we are talented, but inexperienced) and the DLs (we are solid, but not spectacular), but not the DBs.
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    If LSU moves to some wide open offense that changes things dramatically especially once he starts flinging them downfield 10-15 times a game. Just look at his stats from last year he threw an int in every game he broke 30 throws (except against Aggy) and two int's against Florida.

    Also, it was clearly a conservative passing game at that by looking at his YPA but he still only had about a 53% completion average.

    He's a guy in a conservative passing game still completing less than 55% of his passes and throws an int almost every time he throws over 30 times. You think he's suddenly going to turn into a gun slinger accurate passer? The dude will throw two int's against Texas.
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  22. VYFan

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    Just having fun. That’s all.
    And I really was having some tequila.
    Jose Cuervo Traditional, but no Koolaid!
  23. Joe Fan

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  24. NorfolkVATiger

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    Enjoying reading this thread, but "Fromm had the worst game of the season against Texas"? I think that was the LSU game. - 2018 Georgia Bulldogs Passing Offense Game Log

    47.1% completions against LSU, 58.8% vs UT

    1 TD, 2 INT vs LSU, 3 TD, 1 INT vs UT

    96.64 passer rating vs LSU, 134.43 against UT.

    It was a great win for both of our teams.
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  25. NorfolkVATiger

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    For this coming season, most LSU fans' #1 concern is the offensive line. It wasn't very good last year - especially pass blocking, but also in run blocking. There were lots of injuries early in the year - I think LSU played something like 7 different starting combinations in the first 8 games - but really at no point in the year was the OL play dominant.

    In particular starting right OT Deculus was a weak spot. Will be interesting to see how the competition plays out there in fall camp.

    The starting C (Cushenberry) and RG (Lewis) were quite good. LG is up for grabs. The LT (Charles) returns, he struggled through some injuries last year but is probably ok if he's healthy this year.

    I think the Oline will determine how good LSU's offense can be this year, and by extension whether the Tigers can make a run at the CFP (or not).
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  26. I_Dont_Exist

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    Everything I've read says the OL will be a strength
    The three thrings to always loo,k for are QB, OL, and secondary. LSU checks out in all 3 categories.
  27. LSUson

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    Still to be determined. I think they will be improved over last year, but really depends on if we see better play at the tackles
  28. Austin_Bill

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    Let's not lose one important fact. Fromm had 1 week to prepare for LSU and 1 month to prepare for Texas.
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  29. Austin_Bill

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    I haven't done a lot of work in scouting the LSU offensive line, however moving to a spread offense should help them a lot since it's a timeing offense based on getting the ball out of the QBs hands quickly. They don't have to maintain their blocks long at all.

    With that said, when you are installing a brand new offense, the most confused guys are generally the offensive line and Wrs. Usually the QB knows what is going on and the RBs are really 1 trick ponies. Wrs have to have a strong understanding of what do do in difference defensive alignments and the online is trying to get everyone on the same page as far as blocking schemes go.

    Again, Advantage Texas. Texas will load 6 or 7 guys on the line and maybe bring all of them or drop 4 into coverage, doesn't matter the offensive line has to figure out who each guy is blocking. You never know where Orlando is going to bring pressure. Don't be surprised if Texas ends up with 6 or 7 sacks in this game.
  30. LSUson

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    Brady learned under Payton who’s the master at the screen pass. Texas will have to recognize it or LSU will have big gains. Load the box and you’ll leave the corners on an island. Advantage to the WR’s if the line holds. You’ll see a lot of quick slants.

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