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    You'll get some completions on the quick slants/short patterns, but understand we've recruited and developed a very good tackling secondary. Yards after catch will be hard to come by against us. Our secondary is also very proficient at run support.

    Passes to your RBs out of the backfield, or to a TE, would be one of my main concerns, as I'm not entirely sold on our LBs coverage. They've got skills, but can this mostly young group of LBs read these sorts of plays consistently...? Fortunately, our safeties and nickelback are very solid and can compensate if our LBs blow coverages.
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    We have to understand that this type of offense is novel to them. I'm not sure they understand we have been required to defensively recruit, coach, scheme and play call for some of the greatest offensive minds for years. It's fun for them to think about something other than off tackle left or off tackle right then they want to explain to us how it's going to deceive our defenders.

    I tend to believe any time you completely change an offensive philosophy it takes a couple years for players to adapt. They'll struggle at first, but I don't think they get that.
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    I've long thought that the LSU program typically had overall superior raw talent but Cro-Magnon offensive coaching, and if they ever got a competent Offensive Coordinator in place--watch out!

    As multiple posters have pointed out above, a successful transition from a basic scheme to a sophisticated passing attack will not happen overnight. They may have a year or two of some difficult growing pains. We're catching them in the infancy of their new offensive scheme, and that could make a significant difference in our favor.
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    I understand the skepticism about LSU's new offense. If the Aggies hired an NFL assistant (not a position coach) and were excited for the new offense I would be pretty amused.

    However, I'm surprised you guys don't seem to be a bit concerned with how little experience you have coming back on defense.

    2019 CFB returning production, ranked a better way

    "They do not, however, return...their top three tacklers on the defensive line, their top two linebackers, and three of their top five defensive backs, including corner Kris Boyd, who led the team in havoc plays (tackles for loss, forced fumbles, and passes defensed)."

    Pretty interesting article. LSU beat the odds last year in a similar situation, with a very young team, winning one more game than the year before, which definitely bucks the trend for most teams returning as little production as Texas this year.
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    Here's how I see it:

    The statistician may see the loss of Kris Boyd and his replacement with a younger talented player as a net loss for UT's secondary. The statistician either: (i) didn't watch our film from 2018, or (ii) didn't understand what he was watching in the secondary.

    Boyd was a boom or bust sort of guy, who made some big plays but made as many big mistakes that cost us dearly. Both of our starting CBs in 2019 should be better for the team than Boyd. Davis will be missed though.
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    "They do not, however, return...their top three tacklers on the defensive line..."

    Football isn't baseball. It's really not mainly a game of statistics.

    On our DL:

    Omenihu will be missed. No DE we field in 2019 will be as good as Omenihu in his Senior year. (if I'm wrong on this, then I'll be very pleasantly surprised). Net loss there, but not an enormous drop off.

    Nelson--if Coburn continues his development, he'll be better than Nelson by mid season, if not before. Wilbon is slightly less talented than Nelson, but not by much. Overall-- a push by the LSU game; a positive (possibly a big positive) by mid-to-late season.

    Brecklyn Hager--All DEs we field in 2019 will be significantly better than Hager. A significant positive.

    Overall--probably a push. Maybe a plus by late in the season.

    The statistician, however, considers the 2019 DL as a huge dropoff in our DL. This ain't baseball folks. The statistician's numbers are not gospel on the gridiron.
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    You meant to say LSU had 1 week to prepare for Fromm and Texas had 1 month to prepare for him, right? :)

    Just messing with you man, but surely you had to realize that is the flip side of what you posted.
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    What you fail to realize is Texas sees this offense 9 times in a row every season. Thus, Texas will be ready.
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    I would agree with you, but this is a brand new offense that no one has any film so you can’t say that. LSU will still play the power running game where as finesse offenses do not have power running in their vocabulary. LSU got two blue chipper running backs coming in. I doubt they came here to see a 100% spread offense.
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  11. ViperHorn

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    Check out ou, OSU and Iowa State then. Texas sees a top the power running offense every day at practice.
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    Multiple early 2020 mock drafts show 2 LSU secondary going in 1st round. Just fyi. There is not a Grant Delpit at Texas.
  13. Sangre Naranjada

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    There is not a Caden Sterns at LSU. Nor a BJ Foster. Nor a Brandon Jones.
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    Boyd might have been a net zero asset considering the stupid **** he would get penalized for after making a spectacular play
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    I think someone posted that LSU’s LB’s are slightly better that Texas. All four are on the Butkus list FYI. That’s insane.
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    My aggy co-worker informs me that we're really lucky to get LSU in the second game. He says they start slow and get better as the season goes on, so that by the time they get to a&m, they're rolling at full strength. He assures me that a&m would trade LSU play dates with us any day.

    I told him that we were gonna smash 'em and that by the time they got to play aggy, they'd be mush.
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    And this relates to whether the loss of Kris Boyd is a positive or a negative for the Horns how...?
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    What is the hit rate for the first round mock drafts made in July? The LSU guys are lucky that their torching on 07 September comes early in the season as it gives them time to recover by the next April.
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    Screens are a very good way to slow down the Texas defense, but like I said, our safeties will erase a lot of mistakes our back 7 will make.

    Caden Sterns, BJ Foster, and Brandon Jones all wish to say Hi. Anthony Cook and Jalen Green are waving from their corner spots.

    I have no doubts that you have superior linebackers to Texas. But we have some pretty good ones in our own right. Our linebackers aren't playing against your linebackers, they are going up against your offensive line. This makes me much more comfortable. Your linebackers have to deal with our offensive line. That is a much bigger task.
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    My $.02 on the match up ...

    1. Coach Herman addressed the "loss of 8 starters on defense" at media day. He said that the backups had significant playing time and that the only positions on defense that will see truly fresh faces are the corners. I will take younger, more talent over more experience, less talent

    2. Georgia had a pretty good power running game before the Sugar Bowl and Coach Orlando handled them pretty well

    3. I am looking forward to a great game. This is the start of a bunch of excellent home and home series with the Blue Blood programs of college football! Bring it on :bevo::popcorn:
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  21. LSUson

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    Not if Lawrence gets consistent penetration. If that occurs you’ll have to double team him and Chaisson will feast. I’m not saying that will happen, but that’s a battle to keep an eye on.
  22. ViperHorn

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    No; you send Brewer and/or an RB and/or Smith crossing over the middle with the other receivers streaking. Choose your poison.
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    I welcome a blitz, we have a QB that is a great runner, bring the kitchen sink and he will kill you with his legs. Literally you are going to have to keep one or even two spies on Ehlinger. That is going to open up passing lanes to the TE and RBs.
  24. Chop

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    100% agree. And his brother is now kicking some a$$ (off the field / on the streets) someplace else.
  25. LSUson

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    Good thing LSU has stud linebackers to neutralize that
  26. Baseballgawd

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    Devin White went about where they said he would go, in the top 10 picks. Greedy Williams slid to 2nd round, not sure where Texas 2 picks in the 5th and 7th round were projected.
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    You can tell it’s the preseason and everyone is still undefeated. Fans on both sides are (very likely) way overconfident that every unit on their team is going to be great.

    Someone is going to be in for a major letdown in week 2. And that assumes neither team stumbles in week 1.
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    Not so sure bout that. Thanks for your input. Love the interaction with LSU fans. In reality, either team can lose week 2 and run the table in conference and be in the playoffs. Could Texas play LSU twice this season? It could happen, just sayin ... stay tuned :popcorn:
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    I predict Texas is 11-1 at the regular season close. It won’t be LSU we lose to. It will be a lesser team we should have beat! It’s our MO under Herman.
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  30. LSUson

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    100% agree. Good post
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