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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by PropositionJoe, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Total speculation but I have to think Mack will stick around and try to win another title.

    In all brutal honesty, unless Mack and GD can get an athlete like VY the odd are against UT getting another national title under their leadership. But they may be able to get VY Jr. While UT has the talent, they don't have the caliber of game-day coaching, especially on the offense.
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    Assuming the relevant parties don't die on us, Deloss steps down in the next 3-5 years; Mack to AD; Muschamp (assuming he is around) to HC.
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    Would have very likely won it with Colt last season had he not been injured....

    One can say that UT's chances would have been better had Colt not been injured, but it's a stretch to say a victory would have been "very likely". It seems your emotions are getting the better of you.

    The stark fact remains, and mine is certainly not a lone opinion, the UT game-day coaching is not as good as it should be. We have A+ talent and B- coaching.

    My allegience lies with the UT program, not to any specific or current coach. I would hope that more UT fans take the same approach. The coach is a tool, a vehicle, by which the program achieves success. Which is why I find it silly to say that Mack will remain coach as long as he (Mack) wants to. Mack is not bigger than the UT program. He's a very big part, to be sure. But he is just a part and like all coaches is a replaceable cog.
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    Just as coach is only a part of a program, gameday is only part of a coach.

    I agree the recent gameday actions of some of the staff could have been better, in one or two cases much better.

    The reality is on an evaluation of everything Mack brings to the program I can't think of one noteable individual who could match or exceed what he has done, and continues to do for the University and it's image worldwide.

    The recent comments insinuating it is time to think about a change or that he should not be in a position to choose his time of departure are a reflection of the current alarming trend of "yesterday counts for nothing" in this country.
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    Nothing is changing. Ask Greg Davis.
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    The recent comments insinuating it is time to think about a change or that he should not be in a position to choose his time of departure are a reflection of the current alarming trend of "yesterday counts for nothing" in this country.

    We're talking about college football and coaches who make around $4 million per year.

    Save me the lack-of-loyalty sob story and how this is indicative of an alarming yesterday-counts-for-nothing trend.
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    Thanks for reinforcing my point.
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    mack is the reason that your program is able to pay a coach 4 mil.

    without mack, that money would not likely be there.

    i think that mack will be able to write his own ticket out of texas on his terms. i also think that he's savvy enough to know when it's time to leave so that people dont get impatient about poor records towards the end of his tenure. he'll manage to leave on an appropriate note.
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    without mack, that money would not likely be there.

    That Mack is the current occupier of the hc position does not mean that the program could not have accomplished the same result with someone else (same result being able to pay $4mill).

    It is the program, not the coach, that must reign supreme. This isn't a cult of personality. UT can probably always get the best coaches. Mack helped the program, of that there is no doubt. So could others had they assumed the mantle.
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    I'm not sure who whizzed in your Cheerios P1, but in the recent memory of anyone under about 80 years old, UT has consistently been a national powerhouse under ONLY two coaches, Coach Royal, and Mack. There were three others between those two, and while each had some success, none could sustain it. It's also true that the UT program Mack took over had some leftover talent, but not nearly at the level Coach Royal left Fred Akers. The UT football program, like Nebraska's for the last decade, was living on its' past reputation, not what it had done recently.

    Nobody is saying anybody can't be replaced. Nobody is saying ANY coach CAN'T be fired. What I'm saying is this...two losses, even two of the magnitude we've just gone through, are a drop in the bucket compared to Mack's overall performance as head coach here. No rational person with any authority is going to try to push him out just to bring Muschamp in as head coach.

    If Mack suddenly wakes up one day 150 IQ points dumber, and the program obviously is going in the toilet, sure, he could be out. That's not very likely, and neither is his leaving his current job, until he's ready.

    That's as "real world" as it gets, no matter what argument is thrown up otherwise. The UT athletic program has never been one to practice knee jerk reactions, like our neighbors to the east. Mack may not be "un-fireable"...but he's about as close to it as any coach can be.
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    I'm officially convinced that either hornfans has officially become a board only read and posted on by 5th graders or those who suffer from mental retardation.

    Some of you people are simply insane

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