Major to Miami?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Badass, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. Badass

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  2. Phil Elliott

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    I'd rather he was our OC.
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  3. rick mueller

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  4. moondog_LFZ

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    Not me.
    Been there.
    I wasn't impressed.
  5. Phil Elliott

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    Man last year y'all would've taken anybody over Beck.

    You do know that MA was TH's OC at UH, right?
  6. Htown77

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    He was here 1 total year. In that year he had David Ash and Case McCoy, neither of whom he recruited and neither of whom were suited for his style of spread/dual threat QB offense. Ash got hurt. I think he did a good job with Case. As pointed out above, he did great at Houston as OC and offense was not a problem under him as HC. His head coaching issue was not hiring a competent defensive coordinator.

    He has had a lot of bad luck and timing, but has had success in spite of such bad luck and timing. That said, I am not sure hitching himself to the Manny Diaz wagon is a great idea.
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  7. Joe Fan

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    Houston football salaries since Art --

    Art Briles
    2006 $250K
    2007 $380K
    2008 N/A

    Kevin Sumlin
    2009 $350,000
    2010 $1M
    2011 $1.2M

    Tony Levine
    2012 $900K
    2013 $900K
    2014 $1.025M

    Tom Herman
    2015 $1.45M
    2016 $3M

    Major Applewhite
    2017 $1.75M
    2018 $1.75M

    Dana Holgorsen
    2019 $3.7M

    Source: USA Today
  8. LonghornCatholic

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  9. 2003TexasGrad

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  10. WorsterMan

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    Wow, what a awful HC gig to enter the NFL.... maybe he can turn around their fortunes.
  11. blonthang

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    Bru McCoy: "But, but, you promised."
  12. LonghornCatholic

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  13. Badass

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    Wow, don’t block an employee’s chance at rising at another opportunity. You may win the battle and lose the war. If true USC lost the war. Resignation by KK trumps interview block. Good for him
  14. chango

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    Did McCoy sign a LOI or just announce his commitment?
  15. Badass

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    Both from what I read chango.
  16. dukesteer

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    USC seems to be coach and AD challenged. Just doesn’t feel like a well run program. (Perhaps SabreHorn has some thoughts on this.)

    Aside from McCay in the 60s and Carroll, I don’t get that school. Neither due many of their fans and alum, here in SoCal.

    Mike Garrett was a great player in the 60s but an arrogant a** who, in my judgment, got very lucky with Carroll.

    I thought Pat Haden was a good guy but he sure made some odd decisions, like Sarkisian.

    Now there’s Swann, and his handling of the KK situation just seems bush league to me.

    Maybe they should think of bringing in an experienced AD to that program. In that respect, with Dodds and CDC, we have been quite fortunate.
  17. ViperHorn

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    Someone send USC Patterson's telephone number.
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  18. SabreHorn

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    Swann is a moron, and completely under qualified for that job. USC should consider Bruce Mathews
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  19. AC

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    I know Bruce Mathews he lives just outside of Sugarland. Quick story. After Hurricane Harvey in 17' Bruce was ripping out hardwood floors with a shovel. We had 4 of us trying to take turns with the same shovel but nobody could rip out floors like Bruce. Man is a beast even at 57. Doubt that he would move back to the West Coast now. His youngest kids are still in HS. He has 7 sons. He is a great guy, very humble.
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  20. Joe Fan

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    This probably means he wont be going to Miami


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