Malpractice Attorney?

Discussion in 'Horn Network' started by Horn6721, May 6, 2019.

  1. Horn6721

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    Any advice on finding an attorney that specializes in or knows about malpractice?
  2. old65horn

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    Based on my experience, unless you are suing a OB/Gyn for a botched delivery, forget about it, you live in Texas.

    I was a victim of a neglect act by Hermann Memorial hospital staff that left permanent damage and pain for the rest of my life. I have basically no recourse because of Texas Tort reform that promised lower health care cost. What it delivered was increase profit margin for insurance companies and health care providers at the expense of patients. That was the real intent of the legislation, increase the bottom line of Corporate America.
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  3. Horn6721

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    I am sorry you have had to go through that. But not surprised,
    I actually needed an attorney that would do malpractice against another attorney which as you can imagine is going against the whole network,
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    Just saw your message. Call the Texas State Bar. They may have some names of attorneys that practice in that area. Or, look on their website and click on find an attorney and search for malpractice attorneys. It will produce a list with contact information.

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