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    Did you hear that Mangino spent his whole retirement savings on a private space company trip to the moon?
    Someone convinced him it really was made of cheese.

    I miss it when he coached at KU. He made such a large target.
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    ba da boom
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    Why is it that bars won't serve me if I'm drunk, but McDonald's continues serving the fat asses? I't s hardly fair!

    What do you get when you cross an elephant with a poodle? A dead poodle with an 18 inch *******.

    Now a rather long one:

    A guy gets on a bus and notices a nun sitting over in a corner. Through her heavy head piece he just spots a glimmer of her face. Gorgeous! She moves, and her vestments cannot hide the fact she has a truly phenomenal body. The guy gets more and more excited until he finally approaches the nun and tells "Sister, I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I think I love you. Can we get together some time?"

    The nun leaves the bus in a huff.

    Later as the guy is about to leave the bus himself, the bus driver asks the guy if he was the one who was bothering the nun. The guy again apologizes, explaining once again that he seldom did this sort of thing, but the bus driver says: "No, don't apologize, I was checking her out myself. In fact, let me do you a favour. Did you see where she got off? There's a little park there, and every day she goes there to pray at the same time. Go there tomorrow, and maybe....."

    The guy thanks him and leaves.

    Sure enough, the guy goes to the park and there's the little nun in a secluded spot by some trees. He goes off into the bushes, and comes back a few minutes later in a long white robe, a long blond wig with beard and a crown of thorns. The nun is flabbergasted, and asks what she can do for him. He says that every couple of thousand years, he likes to come back to earth to get laid. The nun says that she'd love to help him, but that she was on her period, and would the back door be OK?

    He says fine, and they commence their activities.

    A few minutes into it, he is suddenly overcome with a blast of guilt, and says, panting, "Sister, I have to tell you something. I'm not really Jesus, I'm actually the guy who was annoying you on the bus yesterday.

    The nun says, "Oh, that's OK. In fact, I'm not really a nun. I'm actually the bus driver."
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  4. Chop

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    Here's a cross post that involves funny Mangino stuff:

    How hungry was he?

    Pretty hungry, but not as hungry as Mangino. Mangino was a very, very hungry coach.

    I wish they would have brought Mangino back. I miss that guy.

    "You've got to try a double order of the fettuccine alfredo with extra sauce at Paisano's."

    Mangino looks over the concessions catering menu on the sidelines:
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    And another...

    The BIG (and I mean BIG) guy was an excellent coach, especially when it came to offense. He worked wonders for football at KU. So what if he's from the Woody Hayes school of coach-athlete interactions--this is football, it's a tough game. So what if he's a REALLY fat guy--do you want a coach or a fashion model. KU won't do any better.

    Mangino was a worthy opponent, and just a hilarious guy to have around for comic relief. The Big 12 didn't know what it had when Mangino and Leach coached in the same conference...

    "Yeah, good idea, I'll run a reverse. And while you're at it, send a grad assistant down from the press box with another dozen donuts."
  6. Chop

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    "Just one extra-large meat lovers pizza for starters. I'm on a diet."
  7. Chop

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    Snyder: "You're kind of soft and squishy coach."
    Mangino: "It's all muscle."
  8. Chop

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    "I had to go to Hawaii to get this shirt."

  9. Chop

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    Orange: "Please don't eat me."

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  10. Chop

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    No comment necessary here...

  11. Chop

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    "I'm telling you, the chicken wings were stacked THIS high!"
  12. Driver 8

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    Yeah not funny for me but whatever

    Not all obese people are gluttons, they are ill
  13. BevoJoe

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    No, I don't want a fashion model for a coach, but I also want to have some assurance my head coach isn't going into cardiac arrest while walking to or from the locker room.
  14. Phil Elliott

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    Best coach KU ever had. They should beg him to come back, but they won't. Just like Tech won't admit they screwed up firing The Pirate.
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  15. Chop

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    Yep. The conference was a better place with characters like Leach and Mangino--who were also very good coaches.

    Both allegedly fired for being too mean to players (one player in Leach's case). Could you imagine how some ADs these days would deal with Woody Hayes or even DKR.
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