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Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by LonghornGirlie, Feb 1, 2000.

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    Guero's food is okay, but they try too hard to be off-beat, I think. Also, some of the worst service I've ever experienced has been at Guero's. The atmosphere and location are both awesome. I've always thought it had a lot of potential.
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    The parking sucks at Guero's, especially on weekends.
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    I'll admit that I'm a Matt's "homer".

    We went there for lunch on Saturday, and they have brought back the tacos al pastor.....which were freaking outstanding by anyone's standard.
  5. ladan

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    for some reason ive never been there...should be ashamed of myself

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    I haven't been since it was over on East 1st.

    Has anything changed?


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    I am going to Matt's this weekend. I haven't been there in a while, but I always liked the place. Nothing spectacular, but good enough. I have good memories there.
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    Lots of Tex Mex snobs in this town, which I can understand, I guess.

    I have just been stuck in towns that only offered Chili's or Applebee's.

    I appreciate the heck out of Matt's and Guero's
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    Amen (minus the f-bomb). We've been in Seattle for 15 years and we're so looking forward to Matt's (one of our many designated stops on our vacation next week - haven't been back to Austin since). Many times it's just a dang matter of taste, and no one should be put down because they like something or don't - no need to attack someone's taste.

    Matt's here we come (along with Trudy's migas, Dan's, Frisco, Threadgill's, Broken Spoke chicken fried steak, to name a few).

    Gail in Seattle
    UT '73 [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Ate there Sunday night. As good as ever. The guy at the next table overheard my brother and I discussing the fact that they just flat make the best margaritas in the world and struck up a conversation about how Matt's is and always has been the best.
  12. utexas_61

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    if i went there for the first time, what should i get?
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    I went there Sunday and had the green chicken enchiladas as many people have suggested to me.

    They were pretty good but the queso was awesome too.

    For anyone that ate there Saturday afternoon during the titans game, the reason it took forever to get the food out is because they have new chefs. It took over 45 minutes to get our food. But it was good food [​IMG]

    I miss that place now that I'm back in SA.
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  15. pk-horn

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    Don't listen to TXNOS, he sounds like a snob. Probably doesn't know what the order. The atmosphere is a turnoff for some people.
    From a food standpoint Matt's is and has always been great. Order the beef tacos al carbon and the Bob Armstrong dip and a cold margarita. I miss that place.
    I have never figured out why the place is such a lightning rod. It seems to evoke strong responses in people. Witness the 6 page thread. It has always been good and Ive been going there since the 8th grade.
  16. Basketball Jones

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    It's not that Matt's is bad. It's just that it is the pinnacle of mediocre Tex Mex.
  17. Faithsdad

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    It still amazes me that people will take time out of their day (or night) to post something negative about a restaurant. However, I do understand that we all have opinions and we are all motivated by different things. That being said, since it is personal to me, I would like to say thank you to those of you who continue to post nice comments about El Rancho. And I guess, thank you to those who post negative comments because it keeps a six year thread on top of the board. Hook'em!
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    You mean as opposed to someone taking time out of their day (or night) to respond?
  19. Faithsdad

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    Well there is a difference, and that is it is "personal." So, when I take time to respond, I have a vested interest in Matt's. So go back a few pages on the thread and read it please.
  20. Basketball Jones

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    I did. Now I invite you to go back to the orinigal post on this thread, which is "Your Thoughts?". Not "Your Nice Thoughts" or "Your warm fuzzy feelings". The original post invited all thoughts, which is what are displayed on this thread.
    My comment was fairly neutral --not good, not bad, which is where my personal preference rates Matt's. As for the negative comments on the board, perhaps you should listen to those (or pass along the comments) who are displeased --maybe, just maybe they have merit.
    If you are going to be in the restaurant business, you're going to get negative reviews. What is it --"If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen"
  21. Mr.Wizard

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    Faithsdad, some people just love Applebees, TGIFridays, and Chili's.

    What can you do?

    I support, and will continue to support Matt's.

    Appears the majority of Austin feels the same.
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    Before you post, you might want to actually read my posts. Not just tell me the title. And yes, you are correct. However, I never stated I was in the restaurant business and I also never said I could take the heat. I'm pretty sure if I could, I never would have posted in the first place.
  23. Basketball Jones

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    We're going in circles. I did read your post, then referred you to the original post that started this thread.
    I give up. In the words of my Momma, "Never argue with a Pinhead"
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    Plain and simple.........Matt's is Old Austin. Hell, it's been on South Lamar for nearly 20 years, and we still call it the "new" location. I don't think New Austin will ever embrace it.

    I'll be going to Matt's every single time i"m in Austin until (a) I die or (b) it closes. I honestly hope I never live to see it close.
  25. Punt on 1st Down

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    Well, for a 6 year old thread this is pretty hilarious. Jesus, people, it's just food.

    For those, who are impressed with Dario's, I'm certainly not. The Capitol crowd eats there so I've been there a lot. El Azteca and Nuevo Leon are ok but are equivalent to Matt's. Angie's is kinda good but it's not better just because it's in a shack. If you want great Tex-Mex go to San Antonio, or better yet, go to the Valley.

    And for those of you who would rather eat frozen dinners than eat at Matt's, feel free.

    And yes, I ate at Matt's on 1st St. back in the day. We would either go there or El Gallo on S. Congress after church on Sundays.

    I don't expect to have an orgasm every time that I eat. Mostly, I'm just hanging out with friends, eating some food, getting a cool buzz, and I'm fine.
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    We always enjoyed the heck out of Matt's, and now that we are in the land of "nothing special" food, it's even more desired. Ate there on our trip a couple of weeks ago and were delighted - it's a matter of what one likes, and we still like it mucho.

    Gail in Seattle
    UT '73 [​IMG] [​IMG]
  27. utexas_61

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    I am going there tonight for the first time. since my opinion is the only one that matters, i will tell yall if it is good or not.

    i am the truth
  28. utexas_61

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    i thought the food was pretty damn good. our dinner was at 5pm on a monday, so there was not a wait. which was good. and i also didnt pay for it. which is better.

    the chips and salsa were allsome. might be some of the best i had. i love how you can tell the chips were made fresh there.

    the bob armstrong stuff was pretty amazing as well. but i enjoy eating the queso just as much at texadephia, but i worked there and was able to add quac and meat to it. but yea definity get that if you go there.

    i ordered the green enchalidas, one chicken and one cheese, with queso sauce. the flavor of the sauce was really good. but the chicken was, like some of yall have said, watered down tasting. but overall it was pretty damn good. and the rice and beans were solid.

    all this being said, unless some friends of mine really wanted to go to matts and dragged me there, i will prob never go back. there really are places that have food just as good, if not better, and cheaper. but also i am not a person that places importance on atmosphere, but understand if you are, matts might be better than some of the places. but just because it was not my favorite, doesnt mean that it cant be your favorite, so i say give it a try if you havent. i have had some really ****** tex mex, and matts el rancho is definitly not ****** tex mex.

    i cant wait to eat at maudies or enchalidas y mas again.
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    I am craving some Bob Armstrong dip like a mofo.

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