Matt's El Rancho

I remember it being ok. Not as good as some of the places on south Congress, but certainly not the worst place in Austin.
and to add to that, i had the tampiqueno chicken fried steak last night at the lakewood location as i live about 100 yards from there.

it is seriously one of the best things in life.
It's all in what you order. Old fashion grilled tacos with a side of queso. I will have to try the Bob Armstrong's next time I'm in town.
old fashioned tacos = where it's at

they have some things that are ok. some things that are great. some things that i would never order.

you will see my entire family there every saturday before/after a game. their chips and salsa can't be beat. anywhere. the margaritas on the rocks are usually good and stout, too.
since i've become good friends with a bartender there now, i go at least once a week.... their carbon is amazing.
i get two enchiladas stuffed witht he carbon, the suiza sauce on top, with rice and charro beans. solid plate.

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