McCoy is only completing 36% of his passes?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by nra1775, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I sent Griffin an email telling him he misquoted McShay. I wonder if he will say anything about it.
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    Except with Mizzu, I think you saw our go forward offense. With Ship in the slot, you are seeing more balls down the field. Chiles TD, Williams was wide open and dropped it. Ships 2nd TD. Even throws to Smith. We also got Colt outside more last week. So most of these stats won't mean **** come Sat. night.
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    What is the "FBS" and why do I see it everywhere now?
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    by the way, who gives a ****?

    we score more points than any other team in the country.

    play station is killing this game for an entire generation.
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    If Colt keeps this crap up where will we wind up!!!?? .... oh wait, never mind. ==we'll be playing for a 2nd national title in 5 years. [​IMG]
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    NRA: I only read the McShay article, I did not read Griffin's abortion of a blog where McShay was misquoted. Griffin is a hack.
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    Could not agree more, Griffin is a Hack. ESPN could do so much better than him. Wait we are talking about ESPN, nevermind.
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    It don't make a ****.
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    Change the title or delete this thread. It's spreading falsehoods that hurt the Horns. Hurts our prestige and hurts Colt's chances for Heisman.
    Better yet, change the thread title AND delete this thread (just to be sure). [​IMG]
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