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Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by puckhead, Jun 21, 2013.

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    I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Every button-style shirt (short or long sleeve) I buy looks like it would fit around a guy who's 350 lbs. I want a shirt that doesn't fit me like a tent.

    Is there a good store (or brand) to find nice-casual shirts that are moderately fitted?

    I'm not a bean-pole, and I don't want to look gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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    Of course you're not.
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    What's your price range?

    One of my favorite store is Thomas Pink. They don't come cheap, $165-$200 a shirt, but they fit like a glove.

    If you're looking for something more reasonable, check out JCPenny. Yes, JCPenny. They've done a really good job revamping their line and the clothing they now offer is very "trendy". Worse comes to worst, you can go to my former employer, Banana Republic (pm me if you want a hook up, 30% off). J Crew is another one. Here's my last secret, Target. When you are looking for something that fits well, go for a larger size than you normally wear and opt for the slim fit cut.

    Lastly, instead of thinking everything you wear might make you look gay, how about thinking it makes you look fashion forward?

    Good luck!
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    Just fly to Hong Kong. On Nathan Rd. anywhere from the Cameron Rd., Mody/Carnavaron Rd area all the way up to Mong Kok you will find plenty of places to make you some shirts custom to you. Fantastic Dim Sum, a walk in Kowloon Park and get shirts made. A nice day to be had at just one subway stop, Tsim Sha Tsui. Exit the East side or one of the South exits and prepare to be given lots of attention from tailors begging you to go in.

    Right off the trip as a business expense.
  6. bedhead

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    Agree with Bighandakuna (sorry to mangle your name)

    First, quit worrying about looking gay. Women like a man who dresses well, and like a man. No Dockers, pleated pants etc.

    Buy a Men's Journal instead of a GQ. Their fashion advice is a bit less cutting edge, or "gay looking". What you want is a slim fit dress shirt or other type. They will have examples, where to buy etc.

    If those are too pricey, J. Crew has done a great job with their menswear, both casual and suiting. They will have many of the "slim cut" type of shirts you seek.
    They even have a personal shopper you may speak with to help create a few outfits. Interesting socks are pretty hot right now, and you don't have to get too wild with those. Also, no tassel loafers. Ever.
  7. biganakhanhda

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    l00py is correct.

    While Hong Kong is nice and definitely one of the best places to find quality fabrics, Saigon, Vietnam should be included in the discussion too, it would be a cheaper trip and the food is equally just as delicious as the foods you would sample in Hong Kong. Be sure to stop and stay on a Junk Boat while in Ha Long Bay. Check out the Central Highlands and sample some of the best Banh Mi you will ever find. Ha Noi is where you will find some of the best Pho ever, after all, it is highly debated that that is where the dish originated. Wrap it up with a few days in Saigon to see the one of the busiest Cities in the world and soak it all in with a few Cafe Sua Da. You may bump into a few ex-pats from time to time which is always a joy.

    Many of my relatives back home are tailors and seamstress. Clothes that are made ready to wear is a rarity. Having a custom made woven shirt, pair of slacks, tailored to almost every non-gay curve on your body feels like...I don't know...nice? You can easily get 5 shirts tailored in Vietnam for less than $50, material and labor included. They would be high quality and rest assured, the construction of them is without a doubt, better than most of the stuff you can find readily made here in the states.
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    They found a way to egg roll a men’s clothing thread. Excellent.
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    I'm tired of your facetiousness Dio! Wasabi with you these days? Sniffing the old WD-40 too much I suspect...
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    Just pho king with you sum.
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    This is one strange thread. My advice, don't go looking for Zimmer, he's been fired. I guarantee it.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I forgot which board I posted this on, so I hadn't checked back in.

    And I love the direction the thread took. I'll see what flights to Hong Kong cost.

    And cracking wise a couple of times about "gay" was a poor choice. Really, I just don't want to look like a 45 year old who trying to look like a twenty-something.

    I do hang out with some "bubbas," and I'm sure I'll catch some grief if the clothes are too trendy. On the other hand, maybe Mrs. puckhead will appreciate something more edgy.

    Oh yes, I also want to add to the thread... spring roll. Not sure what that means, but it seems appropriate now.
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    I'm not sure how I feel about the guy who got me my mortgage being able to buy $165-$200 shirts so easily. Especially when you add his predilection for Cream of Sum Yun Gai!
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    Trust me, as a woman Mrs. Puckhead would be delighted. Don't you like to see her dressed nicely once in a while?

    I do get your concern about age v. what is appropriate. If you are in good shape, look younger than your age it's hard, especially for women. Just because I can fit in to something doesn't mean it is OK, and there is nothing grosser, dressing-wise, than an older woman dressing too young.

    I struggle with that as I am small, wear the same size as I did in high school, and in my head I don't feel my age! But I would rather go a bit dowdy than be dressed like a cougar-yuck.

    Seriously, check out one of the Men's Magazines, they not only have great fashion advice, but good recipes, what kind of steaks, bourbons, etc are best, places to go, things to do and book movie reviews. I think Men's Journal is the best. I read my boyfriends all the time, and I wish there was a comparable woman's magazine.
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    I am not gay either. Assuming you are not a bean pole - I am slim and have always liked how Joseph A. Banks dress shirts and polos fit me. They are not cheap but you can buy a quality dress shirt in 1/2 sizes in the neck and sleeves that fit your actual arm length. The also have great pleated and unpleated slacks. I have not found their dress shirts or polos to be cut for Mad Dog type guys. Good luck.
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    Coulda fooled us, Worster....not that there's anything wrong with that [​IMG]
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    Sooo George - you think I coulda fooled you and ol' I00p huh? Not that there is anything wrong with that or are you guys just being masters of your own domain [​IMG]
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    I have hand.
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    I00p buddy, I have to hand it to you...
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    um, I am not Tate Pittman, I don't need any help with it.
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    Watch out, I00p. He doesn't wash his hands, and he'll piss on your couch.

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    And I still want my Dockers and pleated pants question answered.

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