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Discussion in 'Tennis' started by 10SNE1?, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Any insights to this team for the Spring?

    I know that Nick Naumann is no longer with the team and I just read a tweet @txcollege10s that Liam Caruana turned Pro. Is that true? He's still on the roster though.

    Team rankings come out today, btw.
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    Wow, somehow didn't notice Nick had left, wonder why. 1 junior and 1 senior, wow, this is one young team.
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    Just lost to Cal 4-0, this is going to be a rough season, they fell to 4-5 so far this year.
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    Men lost 4-3 on a 7-3 third set tiebreaker to Ohio State, so close to pulling off that upset, they would have played Cal in a rematch from earlier in the year. They only lose Riechmann to graduation and joining the team will be another kid from Denmark and a kid from Japan.

    Women lost 4-0 to Pepperdine in the round of 16, huge victory of Duke to even make it to NCAAs, impressive feat with only 7 players on the team and they lose Addison and Groenvynck to graduation, I haven't heard anything about who will be joining the squad next year.
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  7. 10SNE1?

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    In regards to the Spring '18 season, does anyone else feel that this team is under performing?

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