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    just got screwed

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    Yep, but it was a makeup call for the missed penalty in the first half. That ref was going to give the Dutch a penalty kick on anything close in the second half to make up for a clear PK that should have been given in the first and he did and to be fair what the heck was Marquez doing sticking his foot out like that, he had two other defenders, dont give the ref a chance to give a make up call like that.
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    Great run by Mexico though. Last team to qualify and barely got in. Two wins and a draw against Brazil once there ain't shabby. What a crushing way to lose a match though.
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    mexican fans make english fans look like aging duffers.

    screw 'em

    One thing you can always count on: they will whine when they lose.
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    Question from a neophyte: Looking at the box scores of futbol games, I see two categories, "fouls committed" and "fouls against". The numbers often do not match with the committed fouls being greater than the against fouls. When is there a foul committed by one team but not against the other team? A hand-ball? Anything else?
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    I know one!!! I don't. Never mind.

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