Meyer on Tebow..'best player of our era'

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by OUsucksATMblows, Jul 24, 2008.

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    LMFAO, just heard this on espn. Meyer was quoted by the Miami herald as saying that Tebow is the best player in the country and the greatest player of our era. You guys can look up a link. I am too lazy. It was on sportscenter. Meyer is delusional

    Hey Urban, remember a guy named Vince? Or how about Leinart, that guy wasn't bad either.
  2. he'd possibly crack the top 50, but not even sure about that.
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    The luxury Tim Tebow had is the fact that his team last year wasn't anything special on defense and he had to stay in the game the whole time.

    When VY was here, Texas was usually up by about 30-40 points at halftime and there was no need for him to play anymore beyond a series or two in the 3rd quarter and risking injury.

    - Vince Young - 2005 season:

    212/325, 65.2%, 3,036 yards, 9.34 YPA, 26 TD 10 INT

    155 rushes, 1,050 yards, 6.8 YPC, 12 TD

    480 total touches, 4,086 total yards, 8.5 YPT, 38 total TD's

    - Tim Tebow - 2007 Season:

    234/350, 66.8%, 3,286 yards, 9.4 YPA, 32 TD 6 INT

    210 rushes, 895 yards, 4.3 YPC, 23 TD

    560 total touches, 4,181 yards, 7.5 YPT, 55 total TD's

    As you can see it took VY less touches to amass similar amounts of total yardage and he played significantly less time and in an offense that was not pass heavy like Florida is with the spread offense.
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    He meant "Best single-wing tailback" of our era.
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    How does he define "era?" Maybe "era" just means the 2007 season. [​IMG]
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    Maybe he meant the post-VY era.
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    They both put up similar numbers with the exception of number of TD's . But you are comparing Vince's last year as a starter with Tebow's first year as a starter. What were Vince's numbers as a sophmore?

    Something like 1900 passing, 1200 running?

    Not saying you can't make a damn good argument for Vince Young but on the other hand the argument for Tim Tebow sure isn't a weak one.

    I guess you would have to define era but at least at this point I don't think either one would be my pick for best player of my era. Both exceptional players without a doubt.

    If Tebow keeps it up for two more years I think he could be included in that discussion.
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    Im not really that sold on Tebow.

    Tebow faced five top 40 defenses last season....and Florida was 1-4 against those teams.

    People don't really remember this, but he was kinda of a consolation winner. Dennis Dixon was well on his way to winning the Heisman. Aftger Dixon went down with an injury there really wasn't anyone else left.

    I don't think he is anywhere close the player that Vince Young, Lienart, Adrian Peterson, or Reggie Bush are.

    Yes....I realize Tebows stats last season were sick, but what made those guys monsters was repeatedly having huge games against the very best competition.
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    Tebow is easily the weakest Heisman winner since Ron Dayne won the trophy as a "Lifetime Achievement" award. He is not going to be on many top 10 lists for the past 5 years, much less the era. He lost 4 games last year. Yawn.
  10. i'd take Tebow on our Texas team in a second.
    Tebow and McCoy are similar that they're both great human beings and incredible athletes. but i've seen more out of Tebow in one year than i have with McCoy in two.

    both are perfect ambassadors for their respective universities.
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    VY single handedly led this team to a brilliant comeback over one of the better college football teams to ever play. What's Tebow done? Spelled Chris Leak in a rout of the Buckeyes and won a Heisman in a down year for individual stars?

    The two aren't even in the same stratosphere.
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    Tebow is nothing more than a battering ram. The dude ran 210 times and never once ran for more than 25 yards. Vince in his FRESHMAN year ran 135 times and broke the NCAA record for most 60 yard runs in a season for a QB. I don't need to know his stats to the see that Tebow gets the ball most of the time on the goaline to pad his TD numbers. In Vince's last year he managed to get 12 TDs despite the fact that UT RBs piled up 41 TDs. Florida RBs scored 6 tds last year.

    He is Stephen McGee on a better team.
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    Tebow is a very good player, obviously. He lost four games as starting QB last year. That's twice as many games as VY lost as starting QB in his career. If VY had come back for his senior year, he would have been 44-2 as a starter.
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    Their tailbacks are so bad that they can't run the ball in from 3 yards out on the goalline?

    Look when I begin to see Tebow break off some 40, 60 yard TD runs then I would say let the comparisons or the debate begin, but until doesn't seem close to me.

    Not saying that he isn't talented.
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    Tebow helps old ladies accross the street. Vince cures alzheimer's.
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    That's an unbelievable stat-- that Florida's RB's had six rushing TD's all year (that seems too few to be true).

    Tebow's TD numbers are wildly, wildly skewed by the Gators' goal-line strategy. Vince could have had another 20 or 25 TD's by making him the primary running back from a shotgun formation in goalline situations.

    That said, I'd love to have Tebow on my team.
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    He is a good player and very versatile. I didn't like him winning the heisman but then again it was a down year. He accumulated most of his stats last year vs. sub par competition. His team finished with a 9-4 record and lost to the better teams of the SEC (LSU, Auburn, Georgia). His stats were down in all 3 of those games. His only real impressive performances of the season were against South Carolina 6-6 and FSU 7-6, both barely bowl eligible teams.

    The reason is b/c he cannot yet beat teams with his arm. When better teams are able to game plan him they can shut him down or keep him in check at least. This year he will have more weapons to throw to so we'll see.

    Individual total offense he is very impressive. As a winner I am not sold...yet.
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    damn, i guess you guys are watching a different game than me. because from what i saw of tebow last year, not his freshman year, was a freaking badass than can do it all.

    he can't run like vy, but who the **** can? i'd say he runs about like elway did, and that is going to get it done at any level. you can throw your stats out the window, tebow throws a hell of a football. the dude is a sophomore. give him a break. if he happens to stay around, he will go down as the better player (than vince) if they win another NC.

    i'd still rather have vince on my team though. the thing with vince is, even if he doesn't have a great supporting cast, i believe he can get it done. not sure about tebow.
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    Give me a break!
  22. Thunderhoof

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    Tebow is an awesome talent. VY is Superman.

    They're both great college QBs, and they have different styles. I'd take Vince for the total package -- open field running ability, size, but most importantly, leadership. VY is/was an inspired leader who seemed to get the most out of his teammates no matter what their background. That doesn't grow on trees.

    This is sorta like the Emmitt Smith v Barry Sanders argument. One was probably better, but the other was stellar and such a perfect fit for his team at the time that it's a pretty pointless argument. They are just different players, that's all.
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  24. notreally

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  25. Texas Jack

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    The funny thing is I'm sure you had no clue as to Elway’s scrambling prowess and stats in college.

    Just because Elway developed that part of his game better in the pros doesn't mean it held true for college. Elway was a good scrambler in the NFL, much like Romo, he was not a runner like Vince or Vick.
  26. Sooner-Tuf

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    If you think comparing young Mr Tebow's career with Vince Young's is ludricrous what would you call comparing Vince Young's NFL career to John Elways?

    Both comparisons are asinine at this point.

    Tim Tebow has played one year of college football as a starter and has won the Heisman Trophy. Some of you may not be impressed with him, but I sure as heck am.
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    Vince was a f'n badass but so much of what we remember him for, he accomplished in his Junior year. The improvement in VY's game between his So. and Jr. seasons was considerable, and I think its logical to assume that Tebow will continue to improve. If Tebow puts up similar numbers to last year AND Florida wins the MNC ( a big if, granted), most people outside the state of Texas will probably consider Tebow to Vince's equal.

    VY was, is, and always will be a better runner than Tebow. Similarly, I think you can say that Tebow was, is, and prob always will be a better passer than VY. Take a look at the numbers after their first two seasons:

    VY: 393 attempts 3004 yds, 18TD vs 18 Int's
    TT:383 attempts 3644 yds, 37TD vs 7 Int's

    Tebow's numbers are better and its not even close. Basically it depends on what you want out of a QB, but they are both great players.

    You can put VY on last years Florida team and they wouldn't go undefeated, so people pointing to Tebow's WL record have to realize that they played a ton of Fr and So's which was not the case with our 2005 team. QB's don't play defense and Florida's D was the problem more often than not last year. Statistically it was far worse than the D's that VY had.

    Hell I still think VY is the greatest college QB Ive seen, but that doesnt keep me from appreciating Tebow's skills. If he wins another Heisman and a MNC as the starter, I have no problem putting him right up there with VY.
  28. Texas Jack

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    No one has compared VYs career to Elway's.

    I also believe that most ppl here think Tebow is a great QB they just believe VY was better.

    My problem with Tebow is that while he is a great passer his running prowess seems to be exaggerated.

    I can't ever remember a quarterback that ran so many times that never took it more than 25 yards.
  29. Statalyzer

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    Just to further emphasize a point made earlier - in 2005 we had four players besides Vince rush for 8 or more touchdowns. Florida had nobody besides Tebow rush for that many.
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    "Never get high on your own supply, Urban."

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