Michael Griffin is Player of the Month

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Hook 'Em! Good for Michael.
  3. Royalwon

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    Longhorns are playing great all over the league.

    A special congratulations to you Michael!!!
  4. South Austin

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    One of the best photos in Longhorn history.

  5. stanhin

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    When that play happened, I finally believed we could win that game. I thought to myself--man, we've got big league players on this team. [​IMG] I know, I know--I'm slow to get things that should be obvious. [​IMG]
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    Yeah - what South Austin said.
  7. toucan82

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    I agree with South Austin and whiterock
  8. hornpharmd

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    Great for Michael!

    I remember watching Michael when he 1st stepped on the field as a true frosh. He played a ton on special teams and as the nickel/dime back immediately and always seemed to be near the ball. You could tell he was going to be something special.
  9. accuratehorn

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    Awesome! Interceptions in four straight games, 36 tackles over that period.
    And I love that picture from the Rose Bowl national championship game. That may be my favorite play of all from that great evening. So many plays were like that one, though. There was a great, well-thrown pass from a Heismann winning qb, to an excellent receiver who ran a perfect route. Then out of nowhere a great defensive play is made.
    So many plays in that game were great against great, and well-executed on both sides of the ball, and now so many of those players are now earning big money on Sundays.
    There won't be many games where two such talent-laden squads face off and live up to expectations, especially in the national championship game.
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    Loved watching him and Orakpo sell cupcakes on LHN. So great that we have a $250 million recruiting tool that we can't use for actual sports recruiting. Maybe Brian and Mike can take over Augie's old food timeslot.

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