Microsoft closing retail stores

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by Dionysus, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Dionysus

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    Will anyone notice?

    Microsoft Store Closures Are A Signal About The Future Of Retail

    Microsoft announced today that it is closing all of its 83 Microsoft Store retail locations. The company says that will result in a charge of $450 million against its earnings for the second quarter of 2020. In an important way, what Microsoft is doing is a sign of what we will see in the future from a lot of retailers.

    Microsoft’s closures are not just about having fewer stores or eliminating unprofitable operations. Microsoft says that in the future it will operate what it calls “Experience Centers” in London, New York, Sydney and near its Redmond, Washington, headquarters.

    I like the Experience Center idea. They should team up with dentists, robocallers, and the IRS and really capitalize on the whole experience thing.
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  2. horninchicago

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    I was almost afraid to click on the thread for fear of a virus.
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  3. Dionysus

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    This hot burn is now the leading cause of global warming

    Well done
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  4. horninchicago

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    I'm not just funny looking...

    And, "Well done"...I see what you did there.
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  5. Run Pincher

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    Microsoft has retail stores??
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  6. Horns11

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    It's almost strange that they call MSFT a "retailer." Walmart makes about $7B/quarter. Microsoft makes twice that.

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