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    With O'Neal and Phillips playing well...….what happens when Butler gets back? Early on, I was guessing that Phillips would be learning and playing sporadically since O'Neal was a redshirt freshman and Butler was a redshirt sophomore. And both were more highly rated coming out of high school. Now that Phillips has shown that she can contribute on the top stages, what does Elliot do? I am not a volleyball expert but it seems like in the rotations you have only two MBs getting many minutes...…….rotating out when going to back row and the other one coming in at MB. Butler looked really good early before her injury. It is a good situation for Elliot to have 3 really good MBs for 2 spots. Any ideas what will happen. Don't really think about it too much but with the BYU game tomorrow afternoon not being available to watch I will follow the box scores and play by play and wonder. Only is an issue when Butler gets back...…..whenever that is.

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