Mike Bacsik on Ranger postgame show

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Horn2Run, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Give this guy a listen after Ranger games on 105.3 fm.... He goes deeper into the game of baseball, the strategy, fundamentals and the mental part of the game than anyone I've ever heard.

    Tonite he went into a lot of stuff, but he digged into Olt at 1b (horrible defensively, but not his fault b/c he hasn't played the position). Things I never thought of - double cuts etc. and how it hurts a team

    I always bagged on guys like Sosa and Colavito. Guys that had cannon arms but missed cut off men or threw to the wrong base. Yeah I'm talking to you too Clemente ;( ......fundamental defense is a huge part of a winning ballclub

    Give Bacsik a listen, 105.3 fm.....the other nite he bagged on Wwash for warming up a lefty in the pen in Feldman's start vs Detroit, then allowed Feldman to pitch to Fielder (home run, Tigers take lead and win game)).....he mentioned how that damages a reliever's mindset b/c he is "ready" for the LH batter.....can't flip the switch on and off, and Wash doesn't understand that

    I used to (still do actually) watch The Baseball Show on NESN sat mornings just to get intelligent baseball talk....Ba=csik is something this market needed....glad he's here

    aside.....watched his dad pitch in Aarlington in the 70s and... - i think - the younger Bacsik is the guy that served up #756 to Bonds
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    I've heard him. Knows his stuff. But for his bone-head tweet during the Mavs-Spurs series a few years ago, he'd probably still be at the Ticket.
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    Then that is a good thing because now he is at a station that actually talks about sports. I switched to 105.3 along time ago because I was tired of the fart jokes over at the Idiocracy Ticket.
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    I think he was well on his way to co-hosting with Norm until the Dirty Mexican incident.
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    Bacsik knows his stuff. But he is incredibly irritating and has a muppet voice. He never would have lasted at the Ticket because he irritated everyone. He inserted himself into virtually any conversation and never "let the game come to him".

    And the Ticket is greatness. It destroys any other station in terms of ratings like no other major market and is without question the most popular sports station in the nation, not to mention a cultural icon. Anyone who disputes this probably also watched Keith Olbermann's show and wonders why his ratings sucked.
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    Cultural Icon? Ok Chris Chris. They are more like that annoying guy in the office who keeps repeating lines from Caddyshack. Old and tired.
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    double cuts? what are those?

    Mike is almost certainly the only ex-pro baseball player commenting after the game. I don't count Steve Busby and Tom 'cause they're doing the broadcast.

    I will give Mike listen, didn't know he was doing a show.

    The one thing I missed two years ago, the first time the Rangers made it to the WS, I didn't try to stay up the night they won the pennant. 105.3 had the broadcast that year, and they supposedly stayed on the air all night long, and I think they took calls. I wish I had stayed up. I don't even remember last year.
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    Double cut for a 1b = is to cover 2nd base in certain situations (multiple runners on base) where a ball is hit to the left center gap. You (1b) trail the runner if he goes to 2nd in case of a rundown stiuation....

    If a ball is hit to a gap (LC) then the ss and 2b do a "double cut" in that situation, line up 40 ft or so apart (and in-line) from the OF. When that happens the 1b has to cover 2nd base to either apply a tag on a throw back to 2nd, or to help in a rundown b/c the SS will be in the outfield as the first relay.

    Sorry if it took me a few paragraphs to explain something a real baseball person can explain in a few seconds (more clearly than i can, too) ....I don't have a way with words unfortunately. [​IMG]

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