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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Boomer Sooner, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Boomer Sooner

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    I realize the Mike stoops to Texas conversation has happened on another thread. But, since I came on this board and gave it up to Texas for not holding it against Sark for some personal issues he had in the past, only looked at what he was as a man today, I gave it up to them for cultural changes within 40 acres.

    I’m going to have to take some of that back. Really, he’s not allowed to hire his own position coach? Why, because he’s Bob brother? There’s absolutely no reason to rescind the offer other than donors bitching about the hire. Mike is highly motivated to build a defense at Texas to show Riley, who fired him, that it was a mistake. I can just see Sark and Mike hanging out at Alabama and Mike talking about how much he would love to kick Lincoln’s ***. Look at what Brent venerables has done at Clemson after he was basically let go at Oklahoma to make room for Mike to come back from Arizona.

    No matter how you look at it, that was weak sauce. I like the staff Sark has built. Even the guy that replaced Mike. But, the donors at Texas got to stop meddling. You wonder how much that played out in Meyer not going to Texas.
  2. Godz40acres

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    I'm right there with ya, BS. You eradicate ou's BMD meddling then we'll do ours.

  3. bystander

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    My recollection is that Mike Stoops has a big mouth and called out Chris Simms by name in the media. He was so arrogant and stoked the rivalry bonfire very high. People down here don't like that sh*t.
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  4. Vino Bevo

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    My OU in-laws absolutely loved Bob, and despised Mike. They know much better than I given their affinity to the Sooners, and their opinion was the biggest mistake Bob made was letting Venebles go, with the second being keeping Mike around. For me, it had nothing to do with "Stoops" being his last name and more the lack of success on the field.
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  5. Duck Dodgers

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    Look, no one really knows the ins and outs of who was hired and why. There are a few guesses in media rags about M Stoops and big money donors - but were these the same rags that said Herman was staying on at Texas? The media - often wrong but never in doubt!

    From the little I've seen live action of M Stoops, he's had control issues, and has often looked like he's lost his ability to control his body and mouth. There's a happy medium between the Mack Brown clap clap clap after a fumble that all used to drive us nuts, and the Muschcamp / Bo Penlili style childish meltdown on the sidelines.

    That happy medium is being an adult, and M Stoops often looked like he wasn't in that category.
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  6. LonghornCatholic

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    Correct. Thanks for visiting :smile1:
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  7. 4th_floor

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    I hate to agree with anyone ASSociated with ousux, but I can't avoid it here. BTW, ou sucks.
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  8. Boomer Sooner

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    Oh, my apologies. I did not appreciate how much more insight and knowledge some of you all had about Mike Stoops than your brand new head coach.

    I guess it’s good that Sark was able to be informed of how either evil Mike is, mean he is, loud he is or horrible of coach he is. I guess all that time he spent with Mike in Alabama he never saw those things and I’m sure appreciates the donors and Twitterverse in Longhorn nation to properly inform him.
  9. SabreHorn

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    There are lots of people "not in the know" about the Mike Stoops situation. What I do know is that twice since DKR retired, have alums/donors dictated who a HC could or could not hire.

    1) DKR prevented Fred from hiring Bill Michael in 1977. That was a huge boost to OU and Barry, to whom Coach Bill remained loyal to until his death. In fact, Barry gave one of the finest eulogies I've ever heard at Bill's funeral.

    2) When Willie Cunningham hired Mackovic over the protests of hundreds of former players and donors, those same people (me included) forced Mackovic to make Bobby Jack his DC. That worked out really well for OU.

    Although I wish they would listen to me, I am a strong proponent of donors/fans not being allowed to dictate who the assistant coaches are. I just think it's a bad policy. I am not sure that this is what happened with Mike Stoops.

    I remember OU fans screaming to fire Venables; then they screamed to fire Mike; not sure who came next, but perhaps they should have taken Mervin out of the pressbox and put him back on the sideline.

    FWIW, I really like Bob. Not real crazy about Mike. Think Venables is a piece of ****.
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  10. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner 25+ Posts

    Oh, and by the way, I say these things out of respect for the University of Texas. I was born in Texas. I am married to a Texas beauty. She’s my wife because my parents and her parents became friends while that all places at Texas A&M doing a PhD program together in the 60s. I’m not bragging, but I probably know more about Texas football history than most of the younger people on this board. Some of my greatest memories are Commerce Street in the 80s the night before the game. Sad that some of you young ones will never get to experience what that was like.

    The mediocrity Texas find itself in is bad for the conference, bad for Oklahoma football, and of course bad for your all’s livers too. So I do follow it and do not believe in a philosophy that if Texas is good then Oklahoma’s bad or vice versa. I’ve come to the point that if Texas is mediocre, Oklahoma can just be a little better and get away with it. We are more accountable when we are both good. We should be insulted as fan bases if college football game day doesn’t plant itself at the Texas fairgrounds every October for our game. As exciting as the red river rival was this year, who really gave a crap about it outside of Oklahoma and Texas? That’s a disgrace.
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  11. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    I'm happy with the guy we got. Very happy in fact.

    That we didn't get the least competent Stoops brother is just icing on the cake.
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  12. Omniscient.one

    Omniscient.one 500+ Posts

    No one cares. Your state is an embarrassment
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  13. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Sarcasms is a very poor way to express yourself on a message board, it's foolish and childish.

    By all accounts while coaching at OU, M Stoops was a buffoon, a jerk, and an ***, plus he was eventually been fired for his defenses being terrible. His meltdowns on the sidelines and in the coaching box make him look ridiculous and unprofessional.

    No one, yourself included, knows why he wasn't hired. Personally, I'm glad he wasn't - we don't need his kind of short fuze screamer on the sidelines.

    If you're crushed that your rival didn't hire this guy, not sure what to tell you. Since he was fired by your current head coach, and their defenses have improved from the joke that they were when he was there, maybe not hiring him was the right call.
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  14. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner 25+ Posts

    My state?
    I live in Texas
    When I served, I served for all 50 states. None of them are an embarrassment to me.
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  15. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner 25+ Posts

    There was no sarcasm in my original post. I use sarcasm against sarcasm.
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  16. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    No one was sarcastic against your original post. We all listed reasons why we were not fired up about having someone who looks like he has temper tantrum issues on the sidelines, and who was fired as DC for having terrible, just terrible, defenses.

    As before, no one really knows why he wasn't hired - you can not, I repeat can not believe anything you read in the media about hiring ins and outs. The same fools told us that Herman was going to be here next year. Now these same fools who didn't know that the head coach was being fired, now know the inside scoop on why some position coach wasn't hired?

    Not having the "talents" of M Stoops as a position coach is pretty low concern of most of us Texas fans. Worrying about why he wasn't hired is of even less concern.
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  17. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner 25+ Posts

    OK, now that I look back at it, you’re right there was not that much sarcasm.
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  18. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    M Stoops is not highly regarded by Texas fans, for a number of reasons. If there was any pressure put not to hire him, it was because of his own actions, not because of being Bob's brother. Very few if any Texas fans hold any grudge or dislike towards Bob Stoops, who was an excellent coach and good rival when he was at OU.
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  19. Txreds

    Txreds 250+ Posts

    This Stoops rhymes with poops. I am glad he is not here. Would never trust him. Bob was a great coach. His brother not so much.
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  20. huisache

    huisache 2,500+ Posts

    Our new coach knows him better than anybody on this board and he hired him. SS is a big time football coach. The people whining about the hire are not.
    I will wait to see how it works out but right now I will trust SS.
    And the only reason sarcasm has limits on a board is because a lot of people don’t recognize it as such.
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  21. Detective Shilala

    Detective Shilala 2,500+ Posts

    We’re Texas fans. We cancel coaches. It’s what we do, Mike Stoops = cancelled.
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  22. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap 500+ Posts

    As my single malt damaged brain recalls, Bob brought Mike back as co-DC and Venables took off, against the wishes of Bob. Mike was a hot head at OU, then a hot head at AZ and then again a hot head at OU. Fans wanted him gone and I wondered if pressure to fire him might have had something to do with Bob’s retirement?
    To be opined on by those more in the know. What say ye?
  23. SabreHorn

    SabreHorn 5,000+ Posts

    My limited observation, usually from section 105,106,107, was that Venables was far more animated and hot headed than Mike Stoops, but maybe he was just that way in The Cotton Bowl.

    The worst I ever saw from the Bob Stoops era was the Chuck Long/Cale Gundy wars, which caused delay penalties and wasted timeouts. Gundy with a headset on down on the sideline with his back to the field and yelling at Long up in the pressbox, then look over the shoulder to see Long about to fall through the window yelling back at Gundy. Epic stuff. I actually felt sorry for Bob - as long as we were winning
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  24. Omniscient.one

    Omniscient.one 500+ Posts

    Okay boomer. The state OU is in is an embarrassment. Thanks for your service and all that, but nothing to do with what I said. Just a weak appeal to sentiment
  25. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I'm sure you in your deep knowledge of the Alabama program, you realize that Mike Stoops has been an analyst at Alabama. I'm certain you also realize that an analyst does not COACH the football team and that he has not been able to demonstrate his level of "passion" to the fullest extent to any current Alabama player nor Sark. So yeah, I'm going to say we've seen more than Sark as it relates to how Mike's head will explode on the sidelines and in practices. Plus he is a Stoops to boot. Thank you for participating though.

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