MLB set to return July 1 for Training and July 24 for 60 Game Season

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Jun 23, 2020.


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    Article is very short. Is it every team plays in their traditional home or is it bubble like NBA? No fans, I presume?
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    Sounds like in home stadiums against your division and the same division form the other league (i.e. Texas and Houston Playing AL and NL West Teams which puts Texas and Houston at a great disadvantage) with no fans at least at first. There was some talk about the AL West issue with Texas and Houston - like putting them in with the Central divisions, but I haven't heard anything else about that.
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    Looks like the AL West will play against the NL West for interleague games - playing against the Dodgers can't be good for the Astros and Rangers.
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    At least the Pacific Time Zone games will start at 8 instead of 9.
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    Houston kicked the crap out of LA before and can easily do it again...I still remember the one-game playoff in LA almost 40 years ago. Umps threatened to call the game because of the idiots in the stands in LA throwing crap on the field. As I recall, Niekro got the win and the final was 7-1.

    Unfortunately, the good-guys could not quite finish the task with the Phillies.

    Oh, and I DO seem to recall a particularly important game in LA to finish the 2017 season ;)
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    I am not sure Houston wants to discuss the 2017 season.
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    Considering that they won the important games ON THE ROAD, they should EMBRACE that wonderful run...

    I also seem to recall the home/road breakdown showing Altuve hit better on the road ALL SEASON LONG than in the juicebox.
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    Bernie is still out there having fun

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