Moody Center is really coming along…

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by DFW_Horn, Jul 9, 2021.

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    Having an eye-popping court and a championship team is not mutually exclusive.
    Your point is stupid.
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    I never said it was. We are The University of Texas; we deal in tradition, pride, prestige, not ******* GIMMICKS!

    If it brings in a few thousand extra paying fans or if the Moody family wants it, I'm on board. It just ain't the style I grew up accepting and appreciating from Texas.
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  3. Sangre Naranjada

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    That is pretty cool.
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  4. brnkj

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    Really cool!
  5. DFW_Horn

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  6. DFW_Horn

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    Fully expanded courtside seats…

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  7. DFW_Horn

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  8. racerx5908

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    I went to the Moody open house for basketball ticket holders and prospective future ticket holders. Some thoughts:
    1. Of course, it's really nice. Still doing some punch list stuff
    2. Was on the floor and I saw an Moody worker encouraging people to check out the Germania Insurance club. I joked, "Well, this is the only time I'll ever see the inside of this place." She answered, "Yes, which is why I've been trying to get people to come in and take a look at this place."
    3. In short, that place is F-A-N-C-Y. However, as I was leaving I was talking to another worker who said that, unfortunately, that club is only open to Men's Basketball Courtside club members. I said, "Ugh. And no women basketball ticket or courtside club members?" She kinda nodded and in the "Yeah, yet another unfair deal" way.
    4. But thinking about it, that place is HUGE and you've got to hire lots of staff to man that place if it were open for women's games.
    5. The fancy luxury boxes where people pay the $$$$ are not accessible in the normal way. On the first floor there are LONG escalators that go up. And when you get to the top, you realize you're on the 3rd floor. It took a couple of tries, but then we found someone who told us that the 2nd (luxury) floor is only reachable by elevators. And in each elevator is a stool for someone working at Moody to make sure those who get in know they can't get off on the 2nd unless they have suite passes.
    6. There's actually a second-class set of folding seats. We were up at the very top of the "first" floor in the very back corner and the folding seats were just a touch smaller and less padded than those lower down the main arena. The "cheap" seats, literally.
    7. Of course, lots of food vendors. But we know that most of them will be shut down for WBB. Again, the cost of running the operation vs. the number of customers.
    As I was sitting down in the pullout section of the seats, there was a couple behind us talking about the pros and cons of sitting in the pullout section. Our old Erwin center seats were on row 8. From their discussion, it's obvious their old Erwin seats were in the "solid" higher levels of the seats because they were worried that the seats seemed to "vibrate" when people walked across the aisles.

    I then asked when their online selection day and date was. They said, "Oh, Tuesday 9:00am". I was bummed. With all my years of season tickets, mine are Tuesday 11:30 am. I thought by being on row 8 I had higher priority. Oh well. I hope I get something good on Tuesday. By the way, I've already paid for my 4 season tickets. I just don't know where they will be, which is what Tuesday is for.
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  9. seanzozo

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    Ugh. Our time isn’t ‘til Wedsnday. Certainly not getting anything as good as our prior seats (4 seats in the 5th row middle of section 20)
  10. zztx1

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    I went to the open house today. The bleacher style section behind the team benches has temporary chairs (new and padded) without numbers for about 8 rows. Same thing in one of the end zones. Then, there is a big concrete divider and the permanent seats start. That first row about the concrete will get decent view of the court at a slightly elevated level. The opposing side with no teams, is all permanent seats from the bottom. I suspect the behind the teams will go first and there will be many seats on the other side. Looking forward to the games. This will be very nice.
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  11. Moooooo

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    For men's games, those temporary seats are for students. I can only guess they are configured that way since students are "expected" to stand up the entire game; that big concrete divider is to kind of ensure those sitting directly behind the concrete divider don't have their view obstructed by those standing students.

    For women's games, I'm not sure if those temporary seats behind the benches are for students are paying fans. You definitely don't want those to look empty (on TV), and since we don't really have a student following for the women's games, doubt those seats will be for students (like for men's games).
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  13. Born in ATX

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    Looks like Vic has now attended his first Moody Center concert. Judging by the location of his seats, I guess he had to buy his tickets through the box office like all us regular working stiffs. :e-face-tears:
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  14. DFW_Horn

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    Practice facility…spacious.

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