Moon landing faked?

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by Austintxusa, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Austintxusa

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    CNN online poll. Though not scientific by any means, it is interesting never the less.

    Do you believe the Apollo moon landings were faked?
    Yes 15% 32412
    No 85% 186659
    Total Votes: 219071

  2. Burnt Orange Bevo

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    Never thougt of the conspiracy/fake-landing idea until I saw the old movie "Capricorn One". It was a B-movie (depending on your tastes), but at least you got to see OJ try out his hand at acting.
  3. Longhorny630

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    And I guess all those TV and GPS satellites floating around up there are fake as well. The technology existed and the proof exists. If we wanted to pretend to beat the Russians, why would we pretend to go to the moon 6 times? All that poll proves is there's 32412 morons who answered that question.
  4. PhantomHorn

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    Well said
  5. Austintxusa

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  6. OldHippie

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    I am one who believes that the moon landings were faked because if we had actually traveled to the moon we would understand much more than we do now. I also know that later aliens abducted Neil Armstrong and took him to the moon for biological experimentation. The name "Neil" is just a code word for "kneel" because he now "kneels" before his alien masters who have reprogrammed him. You people just don't see the real threat that is here. You go complacently about your petty little lives scoffing at things you don't understand. But you will find out. Oh yes. By then it will be too late. You will realize that those you dismissed with disdainful laughter were the only ones who really knew what was going on and when they tried to warn you about the threat to the very existence of mankind, you turned your backs. Only then will you come begging to me for answers but you will get what you deserve. Mark my words.
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  9. Longhorny630

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    The Link

    Photos of the Apollo landing sites (including the lunar modules left behind, foot paths, and tools) taken by the LRO last month.
  10. Wild Bill

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    Old Hippie:
    Good one! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Orangesweat

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    No. Faking it would have been easy. We went to the moon not because it was easy, but because it was hard.
  12. ptownhorn

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  13. chango

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    Not to change the subject but I have a question. If we had the ability to go 40 years ago, why can't we go today?
  14. Austintxusa

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  15. bierce

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  16. Austintxusa

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    Don't tel Buzz Aldrin he didn't walk on the moon.

  17. HTownSmitty

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  18. 53 Veer Pass

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    We haven't been back because we lost the will to do things like that.
  19. UT Horn Fan

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  21. bierce

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    Why haven't we gone back? Well, what would have been the point?

    Unless there is some real reason to drop your people into a gravitational well, you are just wasting all that energy you need to get them out as well as to get them there.
  22. HornHawk

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    That paragon of modern thinking, Whoopi Goldberg, might be convinced that the landings were faked:
    The Link

    I wonder if Sheila Jackson Lee thinks it was faked as well?
  23. Bob in Houston

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    Sheila thought we landed on Mars.
  24. smwhorn

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    If it was faked, my dad was in on it. he was in mission control at the time.
  25. Nordberg

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    WTF Guinan?
  26. ProdigalHorn

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    Yeah, but if you look really closely at those pictures, you can see one of the sesame seeds that they forgot to scrape off the top of the bun.
  27. Longhorny630

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    kudos to buzz for doing what we all wish we could, punching some annoying nerd with too much time on his hands and a squeaky voice right in the face. that guy is the ultimate wing man, i woulda hit neil with a hammer when he wasnt looking and snuck out onto the moon first
  28. Clear Lake Horn

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    oh, we landed on the moon. that's not the lie. the lie is that we were there first. teddy lehman beat us to it. [​IMG]

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