More conference realignment speculation

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Irish Horn, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Hence if they were to reaffilate with a conference that had those 2 teams and Texas along with Oklahoma it would be even more attractive and present less disruption of their future schedule.
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    The only good thing about trying to bring the Catholics into the conference is it would mean that Bowelsby would be gone; well that and another Christian school would help keep BYU out.
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    Well, I am torn on the issue of "Christian" denominated schools as I believe education should be secular and another's religious beliefs respected as long as those beliefs do not intrude on others, but I would note BYU religion based guidelines contravene the athletic competition guidelines of most if not all college conferences.
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    Brilliant, and at least 60 of those do not belong.

    The last thing SI got right was when their cover said "Texas is #1" back on 1963
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    I still think of that 63 issue SabreHorn because I was never able to steal that one from my brother and he still has it. I do have the original Dallas Morning News sport pages from the Navy game tho, wherein ALL the eastern sports writers finally bowed down and collectively kissed Texas's *** and proclaimed that 63 team the greatest of all time.
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    The plan is very viable, but each of those conferences has 4 teams that do not belong. Why dumb-down?
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    If this season collapses for a bunch of schools that lose money on football already then they will be out of the game because they can't afford it. They can go back to offering quality educations instead of football and other sports which don't generate any revenue at all.Watch a soccer match on LHN for an example of what I mean there.

    Half of Conference USA will be on the block because most don't have the luxury, like Rice does, of a huge endowment that allows them to play sports they aren't able to pay for.

    A lot of other schools and conferences are the same. The landscape is getting ready to change dramatically.
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    I was going to say just get rid of 2 from each to keep it "fair" for the schools who flail around #100 to stay in FBS. That way, every team would be guaranteed 9 conference games and can still find 3 others to round out the schedule. Tulsa and UNT have no business in the "revamped" Southwest Conference, but I don't really want A&M either.
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    Agree completely. The sad thing is that our leaders can either accept there will be BIG Changes and lead the way or let things just happen. Looks like things will just happen, with Universities having things just happen to their athletic programs. Add to that State budgets in many states are in disarray and there will be no place to hide. Raising Corp Taxes and Oil's collapse wont help.
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    Don't know who "Chris Dukes" is, but (1) he is dumber than a bag of hair, and (2) he doesn't know **** about the Big XII, Bowelsby, NeinASS, or ND.

    After NeinASS totally ****** the Big XII on the last ND negotiation and Bowelsby sat over in the corner playing Switch and watching it happen, HELL NO!

    Only if those negotiations are handled by someone competent, someone that is NOT playing both sides of the fence, someone that understands that playing "hardball" does not include grabbing you ankles.

    Regardless of your personal thoughts about TCU and Baylor, as Christian schools, they are not going to vote for BYU. SMU, they would support; BYU, NO!

    I realize that Sports Illustrated employs this cretin, but then again the last thing they paid for that was correct or interesting was written by Dan Jenkins or Tex Maule.

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