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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Irish Horn, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I did a search for current populations of Weber County, Salt Lake County and Utah County. Those 3 counties encompass Ogden down to Provo. All the numbers added up to over 2 million, but they are old numbers from 2015.

    As for TV market, I just did a search for biggest TV markets in United States that is where it showed SLC as the #30 market.

    I'd still rather take Utah over Oregon and Washington to avoid the distance factor of traveling all the way out there. However if push came to shove, I'd probably bend on that as long as little brothers were not invited.

    The enigma is Stanford, they are a private school that acts like feCal. There is prestige in bring them but they would need to give up all their political BS to some extent. I think we all know that this would be a marriage of convince between two groups that are directly opposite of each other in political beliefs.

    But I think it can work if both sides leaves politics out and work for the better of the new conference.
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    this is my perspective
  3. BurntOrangeLH

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    Nah, little minds need to grow. You know nothing about Stanford. You are merely projecting some political tripe upon something about which you know nothing.

    You need to get Liberty University. There is a hotbed of entrepreneurship and scientific progress. Good medical school, too. :facepalm:
  4. SabreHorn

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    Stanford, the only D-1 school I know to NEVER flunk a football player out of school.

    Liberty is an excellent choice except for those of us that take exception to the travesty in McLennan County since their former AD & others from Waco are now in Lexington.
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  5. Austin_Bill

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    You seem upset grasshopper. Care to enlighten.

    I noticed you went quiet when I posted those links to the youtube videos on Duverney.
  6. BurntOrangeLH

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    Well, for starters you cannot even spell Duvernay. For finishers, you admit you could not gain admission to UT. It is your problem you are so intellectually challenged, no one else's.
  7. BurntOrangeLH

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  8. Austin_Bill

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    Lol, is that all you got, might as well be an aggy (oh I didn't spell that right as well). Your butt hurt is truly a joy to behold, your tears taste like sunshine to me.
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    If blowu decided to go to the SEC Texas would also stop playing them and would probably join the Big 10 or just go independent. It would be a huge blow to Texas as a brand, probably be a huge blow to blowu as a brand as well. They would have to turn to Big Red Motors to get their edge back in the SEC.
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  10. ViperHorn

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    In the $EC Big Red would have to open a second location just to stay even.
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  11. huisache

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    why would any school in the PAC leave there to come here? For the greater academic prestige? To watch their team play on Fox at 9am?

    And why would OU want to go the way of Arkansas and A&M when they can stay here and dominate the conference except on the rare occasion when Texas beats them?

    And OU would have to give up their rivalry with us, which is worth a lot of recruiting
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  12. LonghornDave

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    If sports are the issue, USC is the only PAC school that cares about football. UCLA, Utah, the Arizonas are midlin. Oregon and Washington are ? Ans as we know, Pac football at 9 pm CST is not watched.
  13. Joe Fan

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  14. BurntOrangeLH

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    Be sure to get your GED framed so your kids know you really did get past 3rd grade, even if it took 4 years.
  15. I_Dont_Exist

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    I'm not familiar with the politics or economics of the landscape of the situation but I'll be shocked if there's anything in the way of significant realignment for the foreseeable future. Fresno State switching conferences doesn't really count for me.
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  16. longhornlegend

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    At one point over the last 10-15 years the comment about breakup of the big12 included a statement that UT and OU were a package deal no matter where things went. I think CDC sees that value and would support it. Now that Boren is gone, not sure about OU.
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  17. I_Dont_Exist

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    OU can't go anywhere by itself. It's either us or OSU. People say we"ll never join the SEC for many reasons which is fine with me. Realignment isn't happening for at 10 years in my opinion and probably longer.
  18. I_Dont_Exist

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    And the idea of a new conference with us Stanford,USC and whoever else is message board wishful thinking to be polite about it.
  19. Austin_Bill

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    Ooooooooooo, that's going to leave a mark.

    Lol, is that all you got? I'm sure of it now, you are an aggy troll. Only an aggy would talk academic smack in a football forum. What is worse, not being educated at the University of Texas or getting schooled by someone that wasn't educated at the University of Texas.

    I've schooled you in every forum on this site, maybe you should go back to where you can yuck it up with your aggy brothers about the sec and how you are better without ol tu.
  20. wadster

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    If OU goes to the SEC they aren't going to want to play us anyway. They'll schedule the 4 cup cakes just like the rest. At that point our only option is the BIG. Deloss's hardline with the LHN f'd this up pretty bad. the Big 12 is a joke at this point and our options are BIG or bust. I have no desire to be in the PAC at this. point. If we could have taken 4 Big 12 teams it would have been better. I'm tired of playing @TCU, @KState, @Kansas. BIG is going to be our best option long term.
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  21. Austin_Bill

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    Texas has a huge carrot to dangle in front of a top team, that is a meeting in the Cotton Bowl. If blOwU doesn't want to stick with Texas, I'm sure we can land another team willing to take their spot.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind it being aggy, this way they won't stink up Austin and Texas doesn't have to go to that crappy little hole in the wall town of theirs.

    If they don't want it, I'd offer it to Notre Dame.

    But if there is a split between Texas and blOwU, I'd prefer to go independent.
  22. ViperHorn

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    Going independent would kill Texas. The biggest hurdle is that other than Notre Dame and BYU there is no one on the level Texas would want to play is available due to conference play. No $EC or ACC team is going to want to play Texas on their goofy mid-conference season break. How many independent teams not named Norte Dame have finished in the top 10, much less been in the CFP?

    The Big XII will likely split-up at the next realignment. The $EC will get rid of Arkansas and Missouri which will mean current 12 Power 5 teams will be on the street looking for a home. Texas will not go to the $EC; probably not the ACC; the academic types on campus will push for the B1G (who wants to play outside in the cold and snow from November through March?), and athletics will lean towards the PAC-12 if they will move things around enough to have a division in the Central Time Zone.
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  23. BurntOrangeLH

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    Yes, we are the Central Time Zone TV Conference.
  24. Austin_Bill

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    Riddle me this, why does Georgia Bama Michigan, and Ohio State currently have home and home dates with Texas? I'll help you out.

    Texas would play Notre Dame every year, BYU every year. Other teams willing to play Texas on a rotation basis. Rice, SMU, UTSA, UTEP. Probably still play blOwU every year in the Cotton Bowl or we can dangle that carrot in front of another team if they pass.

    How often do you hear of teams telling Notre Dame, no we don't wish to play you? Texas can play who they want the first 4 weeks of the year, Play BYU Army Notre Dame in November Oklahoma and 3 others Texas schools and lower division schools. There are lots of schools looking for a pay day, especially from conferences that want to try and recruit Texas to their conference.

    When you are the Prom Queen, everyone wants to date you.

    You think the SEC can just kick a team out? If that were the case Baylor would have gotten the boot from the big 12 long ago. Texas might go to the B1G or the Pac, but neither are a good fit. Oklahoma won't go to the B1G without OSU and do you see the B1G inviting them? That leaves the Pac and their propensity to let California politics get involved with amateur athletics. Texas politics isn't going to let California push them around. Nor will Texas let the Pac schools like Stanford and feCal push them around.

    If Texas has to leave the Big 12, then the proactive thing to do is create a conference and blow up the Pac at the same time. USC isn't happy, neither are the Arizona schools, if They agree to leave you have to know Utah will likely follow. Colorado will likely stick with the California state schools. Not sure about Washington and Oregeon as there is no way you invite little brother programs like Oregon state and WSU.

    All bets are off the table if Oklahoma goes to the SEC with OSU. Texas will not follow.
  25. SabreHorn

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    Why would Oklahoma even think about the SEC? They have the cushiest gig in the NCAA. They have to win one game in October and/or one game in December and they are in the playoff

    We have helped prove twice that they can lose in October and still get the shot in January Why play Alabama, Auburn, LSU when all they have to do is beat Texas, get the same amount of money, recognition, and shot at the big one?

    Dr Boren understood that; not so sure about this new guy.
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  26. Statalyzer

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    How many of the others have had even half the resources and prestige of Notre Dame though? Penn State's last 8 years as an independent includes 3 top-5 finishes. Florida State's last 8 years an independent includes 5 top-5 finishes.

    I realize that these schools only make for a halfway-decent comparison because this was in the late 80s / early 90s. But I think it's a still a much better comparison than modern-day Army, New Mexico State, or UConn can give us.
  27. Horns11

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    The only thing we'd lose out on if we went independent is TV cash. Right now, we're operating in the black because of LHN. We would need to parlay that into a combined ESPN/ABC deal like Notre Dame has with NBC in order to make up for the $millions shortfall we'd experience without the Big 12 helping us out.

    People would schedule us. We'd get big names from Week 1 through the second weekend in October. Then, we'd have to settle for teams like Rice and the MWC/WAC/Sun Belt for a couple weeks. Then, we'd probably finish out with some better draws, because we're Texas, and people will want to see that.

    The bigger issue is that a new conference wouldn't want to help us out for all of the nonrevenue sports, due to our bailing and going independent in football. We'd probably have to cut some sports.
  28. ViperHorn

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    So Texas would settle to become BYU? Notre Dame has the Catholic Church behind them. They could go 0-12 for years and the Church would keep them alive.

    Ever since the loss to Alabama in the Rose Bowl, Texas has not had any national swagger. You don't go Independent from a period of weakness.
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  29. Austin_Bill

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    Texas has the state of Texas and a bunch of BMDs. Texas would command an ABC deal worth about 40 million a year for the games it would get on top of the LHN which becomes epic more valuable with the added games from the lower tier schools and it will be freed up to open up its programming without Conference restrictions. ABC/ESPN/Fox would spot Texas more money than any conference currently makes including SEC teams.

    Actually wouldn't be surprised if NBC worked out a deal that would put Texas on in the weeks that Notre Dame was on away games. Be a sweet deal for them, one week Texas next week Notre Dame.

    Lots of possibilities out there.
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  30. PecosBill

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    The biggest advantage of going Independent would be to increase the number home games at DKR.

    The biggest disadvantage of going Independent would be a watered down schedule as most other conferences have limits on OOC games.

    The biggest obstacle is the Texas Legislature and the appointed BOR.

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